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I have had (2) back surgeries - do i qualify???????

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I have had (2) back surgeries - do i qualify???????
I have had (2) back surgeries and have continuous pain due to nerve damage, swelling in legs and lots of cramps in ham strings, knees, calves, ankles and toes. I cannot sit to long, I cannot stand to long, I cannot lift much and I cannot squat or bend to pick up things.
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I have had two back surgeries, do I qualify?
Under the "Disabling Conditions" section of our website, you will see a list of the different types of illnesses and conditions that often qualify people for disability benefits. Under the category Musculoskeletal Disorders, you will find a listing for "Back Pain". There, you might find more information relevant to your specific circumstances. If you have additional questions, I suggest you fill out our form for a free legal evaluation.
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I have had (2) back surgeries - do i qualify???????
What surgeries did you have, and what were the conditions that led up to them? Three years ago I had two spinal fusions with the titanium rods because of scoliosis, but I did not complete the application at the time because I physically could not do the paperwork my first attorney expected me to do in the hospital after a 12-hour procedure. A year ago I applied, and my hearing was this past fall. I recently received my approval letter. If your conditions and treatment records meet the guidelines and show your damage is too extensive to be gainfully employed, you may qualify.
can two people living in same houshold draw disability,
mother and son living in same household, mother is drawing disability, son is now disabled, can he sign up for disability, even though he lives with his mother???
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There are two different
There are two different Social Security Disability programs. The son's eligibility depends on many different factors-- most importantly, it depends on what type of benefits the mother is receiving. If the mother is receiving SSI (a needs-based program) the extra income may disqualify one or both of them. However, if the mother is receiving SSDI, it is possible that the son may qualify for either SSI or SSDI. I suggest you speak to a representative from your local office to explain your specific circumstances. He or she will be able to give you a better understanding of how each of the programs work. Good luck.
best way to apply for SS Disability
Had 2x surgeries on back for tumor removed from inside spinal canal on dura and surgery for spinal stenosis. MRI shows that I have Arachnoiditis. Worse pain you ever imagined! Get a lawyer, online, phone or go into office?
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Carol, I suggest you contact a lawyer before you start the application process. He or she will tell you what to expect and offer advice to increase your chances of being awarded benefits. You can speak with your lawyer about applying online vs. applying in person, but generally there is no "better" way to apply- it depends on your personal preference.
I hired a lawyer not
I hired a lawyer not realizing it and did all the work myself. I even called them and told them I was approved and they didn't know and still had to pay them. Never use a lawyer unless your declined
In 2007 I had an anterior
In 2007 I had an anterior/posterior spinal fusion 3 level L4, L5,S1. I applied for disability but I was quickly denied. Of course at the age of 36 I was too young to stop working and the year of recovery it took to be released by my doctor ti work again was financially dreadful... I went back to work, extreme pain for 4 years but I pushed and pushed. My pride and work ethic means a lot to me. . By 2012 the upper vertebrate above the fusion started to collapse and once again the doctor visits start. I had a double laminectomy @ L3,L4 and it's helped some but now new pains consume me 24/7. I hope this time I do get approved for my social security disability. We've had to sell our home, one of our cars, we have bills stacking up. But I have met many people that get this disability that don't really need it. That have never paid or barely paid anything into the soc sec. System. I can barely walk or even sit for more than 1 hour. I've paid ss tax all my life 22 years in the work place , served my country. Why I was denied makes me confused but how others get it I just dont understand. Please help
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Hi Dave, i'm so sorry to hear
Hi Dave, i'm so sorry to hear about your situation. I would suggest retaining legal representation to help with your case and your appeal. That way, they can help you get everything together, such as doctor's notes and medical documents, and present it to the SSA. Please fill out the form on our homepage here and a lawyer will contact you for a free consultation. Best of luck!
Craig Chism
Ive had two back surgeries
Ive had two back surgeries and hernia surgery,Had surgery on L1-L-2 due to blown disc also had surgery on my C-5 C-6 went in front of neck had plate and four titanium screws installed due to blown disc, have degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my back,,,DO I QUALIFY FOR DISABILITY HURT DAILY,FINGERS AND TOES STILL GOING NUMB ??
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Hi Craig,

Hi Craig,
You could potentially qualify for disability benefits depending on how your ability to work has been affected. I would recommend getting in contact with a disability attorney. You can do so here:

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