How Much Does Disability Benefits Pay?

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If you have a medical condition that keeps you from working and earning a living, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. However, you must meet specific medical criteria as well as other requirements.

Those monthly disability benefits can be helpful to your income, and help you cover basic living expenses. Here is a closer look at how much you could receive in monthly disability benefits.

How Much You Can Receive In Disability Benefits?

As of the 2021 totals, the most you can receive from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is $3,148. The average SSDI payment is about $1,200, but there are several factors that come into play when determining how much you will receive in monthly benefits.

You can visit the Social Security website's to get an estimate of how much you will be receiving in monthly disability benefits.

How Does The SSA Determine How Much You Will Receive In Disability Benefits?

Your payment is determined by your lifetime average earnings before you become unable to work. Your benefit amount is calculated through your covered earnings. Covered earnings are what you earned at jobs where your employer made deductions for FICA or Social Security.

The SSA base your monthly disability payment on your average covered earnings over a time, which is called average indexed monthly earnings (AIME).

These amounts are used in a formula to determine your primary insurance amount (PIA). There is an online benefits calculator that you could use to determine how much your monthly benefits would be if you became disabled.

If you do not qualify for SSDI because of a lack of credits or a minimal work history, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

SSI is needs-based, so you must have minimal resources and limited income. As of 2021, the maximum SSI payment to an individual is $794 and $1,191 for a couple.

A disability representative can explain the financial criteria for SSI, and help you with the deeming process, which determines how much and what income counts toward your SSI limits and eligibility.


What Can Impact How Much I Receive?

Your SSDI could be reduced if you receive other government benefits, such as worker’s compensation, public disability benefits, or a pension based on employment that is not included in Social Security, such as a foreign government.

 Also, if you can work and earn enough to meet the substantial gainful activity (SGA) criteria, your claim will not be approved, or your disability benefits could stop. As of 2021, for a blind individual SGA is $2,190 per month or for a disabled individual who is not blind it is $1,310.

Get A Case Evaluation

If you are unable to work because of a medical condition, you should start your disability claim. You should speak with a disability attorney.

A lawyer may be able to help you determine how much you would receive in monthly disability benefits. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form to share your details with the office of a disability attorney.

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