Fighting for SSDI for over 4 years! My attorney messed up my case!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 09/22/2020 - 16:21

Hi, I live in a small town in California and I filed for SSDI over four years ago and have spoke to my attorney only 3 times. And one one occasion, he screamed and yelled at me. There has been some shady things going on and when I ask about things they are telling me that don't make sense, I get the run around. I was told that I had ran out of work credits and my case was no longer viable in 2018 but was not informed of this until I received a denial in 2020. I received a call from my attorney's office stating that I owed State tax and I was given a phone number to call to find out the exact amount owed. Previously in a letter from my attorney I was told if I owned any tax, he would not be able to represent me in Federal court. So I asked if they were rejecting my case and I was told that they had accepted my Federal case. But, I had not received an acceptance letter yet. A few days later, I received my acceptance letter. I was told in order to move forward I would have to call the State IRS and find out how much I owed and get proof of it as well. As soon as I sent my attorney the proof, He sent me a letter stating he cannot represent me due to owing state tax. There are other instances of incompetence as well. I don't feel that my attorney has been truthful with me on my entire case and need to know what I can do. What are my rights?

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