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Social Security Disability Benefits Fraud

Social Security Disability is a great benefit to those who truly need assistance due to a severe medical condition that prevents them from working for at least a year. However, sometimes people violate the law and fabricate a medical condition. Detecting a fraud in the Social Security system is a challenging process, but it is one that is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the program. Determining whether someone is trying to take advantage of the system can be a difficult task, so before reporting an alleged fraud, consider the long journey ahead and all that goes into pinpointing fraudulent activity.

If you suspect someone is violating the law and is, in fact, fraudulently collecting disability benefits:

  • You need to know the reason why the person has been approved for benefits. If you are unable to determine this, research will need to be conducted to determine the truth before accusations are made.
  • You need to be aware that even though you see this person, you may not fully understand how the person’s impairment causes difficulties in daily living.
  • Some people receiving Social Security Disability suffer from mental or psychological disorders; these are not often easy to pinpoint as an outsider, and it may be difficult to judge how these conditions could interrupt the daily activities.

Typically you would have to know someone quite well in order to determine whether or not he or she is taking advantage of the system. Making strong accusations about someone receiving disability benefits is touchy ground, and something that you would not want to do lightly. When in doubt, do not be afraid to ask questions and look into the actions of the person. This can greatly help you determine where the truth lies. If you do still truly suspect someone of committing a fraudulent act, you should consider reporting that individual.

  • You should begin by contacting the toll-free Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline at (800) 269-0271.
  • Remember to provide as much information as you can. This includes the name, address, birth date, phone numbers, and Social Security number (if you know it) of the person suspected of committing fraud. The more information you provide, the sooner the investigation can begin. You should explain in detail to the SSA exactly in what type of fraudulent activity that you suspect this person to be involved.
  • Do not report anything that you do not know for sure. There are penalties for reporting false information, so stick with the facts.
  • Be certain that you understand the situation surrounding the person’s disability. Work may complicate the person’s condition more than you know. Some people are unable to work because they have to be medicated frequently throughout the day. There are also many individuals on disability who have to make trips to the hospital on a weekly or even daily basis. Other individuals may suffer from a psychological or mental condition that makes them appear quite normal, but they may, in reality, be struggling deeply on the inside. You must be fully aware of their circumstances to be able to judge if they are fraudulently collecting benefits.
  • If you feel uncomfortable telephoning regarding your concerns, you can complete an online fraud reporting form, or mail in your findings to the Fraud Hotline at:

Social Security Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 17768
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

When working properly, the Social Security Disability program is a wonderful asset. To those individuals suffering and unable to work, or even waiting out the last stage of their lives, it is often a much-needed benefit. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of a good thing and use it improperly, as is the case with fraudulent behavior. While reporting this kind of activity is important, it is also a serious leap to take. Before you report your suspicions, you should realize that the most important thing is to know all the facts, and to move forward only if you are certain you have a definite case of fraudulent conduct.


What if I know someone who is working a full time job just started and is also on disability but gets paid under the table but how do I keep my report anonymous

Hi Leann,
You cannot keep your report anonymous. You need to give your own SS # to report someone for disability fraud.

thats why no one will report some one that is working under the table for we dont want that person to know for i know some one that is doing just that i want to report her but dont want her to know who reported her i dont mine yal knowing but dont want her to know

Hi Betty,
The person will NOT be notified of who reported them, but if the SSA investigates the fraud and sees that it's a false accusation, they need to know who filed the bogus claim.

Iwas married 33years tohusband he work contruction from 1984to2012hehad a car accident in 2012 recieves ssidiabilitycontinues to work

my boyfriend is currently in jail but right before he was arrested he suspesioned he was drawing a check and that it was being hid from him by his parents and cause of certain reasons I think he is right but I think maybe he has someone who over sees his money maybe been proven incompetent. I think he has a mental disability and don't understand things but is onto something . what can I do to find out if this is true and what can I do to have something done about it . I also think he owned property as well and is not aware of it I think that his parents is basically living off of him and that is wrong and if that is the case something needs to be done I want to help him I feel that he needs someone that will help him he has asked me if I will help him

Hi Marie,
Your boyfriend may be able to contact the SSA and have the assign a new payee for him, so that he might be able to use those benefits.

I think this is BS. Because we report something that you need to look into. Because we know for a fact that it's happening. You want to know our info!

Don't waist your time complaining to Brian,all he keeps saying is they are not affiliated with SSA.Then tell us who to contact.Our gov't programs are directed to low life people,not the hard working people.They don't care and will never check on anyone.People who work two jobs and overtime just to make ends meet,while watching these so called disabled people work under the table,or sit at home watching TV all day.I am ashamed to be part of such a corrupt country.

Hi John,
You can contact the SSA here:
or by going to their site at
Alternately, you can contact your local SSA office.
We aren't able to investigate any reports of fraud because we are not affiliated with the Social Security Administration or the federal government in any capacity.

I agree! It is all very upsetting! I have a brother who is VERY capable of working! He is actually in MUCH better shape than I am! He collects SSI Disability and frequently works as a carpet cleaner under the table!Yet if I report him and THEY simply do not REALLY investigate, I go to prison! Think I will just let him KEEP screwing the system!

Hi there,
The SSA may not go after people who report fraud in good faith. You can also report to them anonymously by sending a letter here:
Social Security Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 17768
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

I was told that a ex cop reported someone now will they just take his word for it or does he need proof to do this because the person had brain cancer and only gas three months or so to live I'm concerned about this

Hi Dagmar,
The SSA may only investigate based off the claims that were made, not who made them, and they may not change this person's benefits based on an accusation.

That's the problem they get away with it because no one reports them I'm a single mother of a10 year old I work a physically hard job night shift because I cannot afford a babysitter I work 12AMto8Am8-10days straight for 7-11no overtime The man that lives down stairs has known my husband for over 40years this man also molested my husband's step daughter since she was 12 he is a pedifile he dies everyone he can steals tools anything from anyone he also sells prescription medication hehas prostitute's in and out is on SSI and works for 30 dollars an hour under the table I struggle so hard life is not fair l believe in karma but sometimes it needs a little push I wish I knew how to turn him in He belongs in prison

Hi Kevin,
We really could not say as we are not affiliated with the SSA and as such have no power to investigate any alleged fraud.

My husband and was reported for fraud and the case worker told him who reported him, his ex wife! I heard this with my own ears.

HI Theresa,
I'm sorry to hear that! You may want to make sure you have records relating to your condition and your financial records if the SSA will be investigating.

I agree with above. There's so much fraud out there and never investigated. Married people living together but one uses a post office box, works under table uses his sons ss#. While his wife collects and uses house address. Pretty sad no one checks all this out. Neither one of them have ever worked a day but can collect SSI taxes us workers pay and will never collect because they give it to everyone who can't read, depression, rotator cuff surgery. I have all the above and work daily and in nursing school. Wake up government. Do investigations.

how can they -they don't answer the phone -on hold for an hour who is stupid enough to give them your ss number --that's why it goes unnoticed/////

Hi there,
I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the SSA! It's a large organization, so they may have employees that do not handle every call properly. However, you can always send them this information online or through the mail, which may be a better way to reach them in some cases.

I agree, if investigations were actually done correctly, there would not be people out there collecting money under a different name and married to a husband who work full time making good money. The reason the country/ Gov. is a joke is because the is so jacked up and no one cares to investigate. What a JOKE. DO YOUR JOB CORRECTLY MYRA.........

Hi there,
I'm sorry Myra isn't pulling her weight! We're not affiliated with the SSA, so it may be a better idea to contact them about her. However, it is possible to collect disability through your work record and have a husband working full time, making good money, as SSDI does not have income limits.

what action should a person take who's raising a child that receive' s ssi from his mother's death. His legal guardian has the money and I get the (scarecrow) . He is an awesome kid by the way. Don't know what who how to do for. us. Extremely resource challenged.

Hi there,
if the child is getting survivor's benefits, then you can contact the SSA, they can change the representative payee for the child to someone who is willing to use the benefits for the child.

That's not true ssa is not doing anything, i reported someone everywhere i could even i gave my name ,proofs, pictures, addresses ,see him working every single day and guess what stiil working and laughing that he is able to beat the system ,so i gave up reporting

Hi there,
It's possible that the SSA determined that the person you reported was complying with any restrictions that he had due to his disability. It's possible to work while on either SSI or SSDI.

I aggre with you ,due to his injury six years ago he can go to work make not more than$1200a month legal way and still collect ssd ,but working off the book and making thousand of dollars and not reporting to ssa and irs playing "Disable "i don't think so

Hi there,
you can send this information to the SSA here:
Social Security Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 17768
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

I did send there first , 3years ego,and few other places I keep saying in the court no one cares, believe me it's a joke ,I don't believe in fair justice, sorry until he won't get caught no one can convince me that ssa is doing something it's just a website "report fraud if you see something " he's collecting $ 1300 from ssd and making $30000 on the side "poor disable "

Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear that. However, it may be that the SSA has determined that he is not committing fraud. It is possible to work and receive disability benefits, and the SSA would be the people to asses if someone is breaking the rules that they put in place.

THere is guy advertising that he's receiving SSI benefits and basically running an unlicensed business on a Facebook buy/sell site! He has been doing this for at least 8 months.(that I've seen) Wish there was a way to screens hot his add to you!

Hi John,
Unless the person is not reporting the income and is making enough to make them ineligible for benefits, then they may not be committing fraud.

Couldn't prove it by me. I went through the complaint filing process nearly 6 months ago; it is a bit of a "no-brainer". Person on total disability working six days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. five of those days and from 9 am. - 6 p.m. one day. On top of that, doing much work "under the table" including collecting rent and a percentage from other stylists. So income tax fraud, disability fraud and gets off scott free. Oh did I forget to mention heroin addiction with door to door service to his place of business. What does a person have to do to get caught?

absolutely correct. Good people that need it cant get it, yet other lie cheat, steal, are getting it and never put a dime in.

I just turned someone in who was getting ssi and was married no children they never worked in their life .collected it for 9 years when their spouse made over 3,000 a month by their self .now the DA is getting involved .I did it anonymous but it did ask for my email , I really don't want this person finding out I did it .but if they do it is what it is .I'm tired of people getting what me and lots of other people work for our whole lives .and when I needed it I was turned down and told I could do a sit down job .guess what so can this person and if you mentally disabled (bipolar) not anything major .and your meds work .so can you. I see physically disabled and mentally disabled people working everyday .not popping pill and laying in bed as this person does 90 hydrocodone gone in a week and their spouse doesn't report it to their doctor , also this person is getting food stamps by lying .they been turned in but I guess food stamps don't care about fraud , and this person uses a ambulance as a taxi service when they own two cars ,their excuse is I don't want to sit in the er waiting room ..

Hi Tony,
The SSA may not make your information publicly available, and the person may not have any way to find out that you had reported them. So, no need to fear making a report!

Someone gets disability and buys drugs with it! Her husband works at a paper mill and makes good money! His name. They also get food stamps and they say they don't live together when they do as husband and wife! They buy under aged kids alcohol and drugs! They slept naked in bed with their son naked as well until he was 10 years old! He doesn't work either because he doesn't want to stop using drugs and drinking and he's trying to get on disability! That's not right especially for people who really need it and have worked! I can't work at all yet I don't qualify!If you would watch their house you will see all the proof you need! She even stole checks from 2 elderly women to by drugs with her pregnant niece and helped kill that baby! He lived 2 hours! Investigate that! Her husband has messed will her young nephew sexually and she laughed it off and said he was just playing! Child molesters and drug addicts can get disability, but people with heart problems and so many other health issues can not get it! Wow great job!They lie their way out of everything while innocent people get hurt! I've been on hold for an hour while typing this! Watch their house and you tell me if her husband don't live there and have a good job! He even steals toilet paper and paper towels for her to trade or sell for drugs!

Hi Ann,
If you suspect them of theft and sexual abuse, I would immediately contact the local police department as they may be a threat to the community. To report SSA fraud, I would go here:

Ha ha! I reported MAJOR Judicial and Political corruption and had the evidence to prove it! Know what happened? The cops came after ME for exposing corruption! Think I am kidding, I am NOT ! The ENTIRE system is CORRUPT beyond imagination! And if you expose it then YOU are the criminal! WTF!

Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear that! You may want to contact a news outlet with this information.

I don't under stand how bipolar makes you not be able to work? Also if you can't work, because of being bipolar how are you expected to be able to care for a child? This lady gets disability, she's perfectly able to work just too lazy to, she can't care for her child but gets custody instead of the hard working dad, and her husband worked under the table for a little while last year while she is still receiving benefits. if she is "sick" enough to be on disability and collect money for it then she shouldn't be fit enough to be a parent. This whole system is bogus. She needs to stop collecting benefits so she has to go get a job instead of laying around all day with her so called "service dog" who she takes better care of than her own son. She needs to have her disability check taken away. this is such fraud its insane.