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Social Security Disability Benefits Fraud

Social Security Disability is a great benefit to those who truly need assistance due to a severe medical condition that prevents them from working for at least a year. However, sometimes people violate the law and fabricate a medical condition. Detecting a fraud in the Social Security system is a challenging process, but it is one that is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the program. Determining whether someone is trying to take advantage of the system can be a difficult task, so before reporting an alleged fraud, consider the long journey ahead and all that goes into pinpointing fraudulent activity.

If you suspect someone is violating the law and is, in fact, fraudulently collecting disability benefits:

  • You need to know the reason why the person has been approved for benefits. If you are unable to determine this, research will need to be conducted to determine the truth before accusations are made.
  • You need to be aware that even though you see this person, you may not fully understand how the person’s impairment causes difficulties in daily living.
  • Some people receiving Social Security Disability suffer from mental or psychological disorders; these are not often easy to pinpoint as an outsider, and it may be difficult to judge how these conditions could interrupt the daily activities.

Typically you would have to know someone quite well in order to determine whether or not he or she is taking advantage of the system. Making strong accusations about someone receiving disability benefits is touchy ground, and something that you would not want to do lightly. When in doubt, do not be afraid to ask questions and look into the actions of the person. This can greatly help you determine where the truth lies. If you do still truly suspect someone of committing a fraudulent act, you should consider reporting that individual.

  • You should begin by contacting the toll-free Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline at (800) 269-0271.
  • Remember to provide as much information as you can. This includes the name, address, birth date, phone numbers, and Social Security number (if you know it) of the person suspected of committing fraud. The more information you provide, the sooner the investigation can begin. You should explain in detail to the SSA exactly in what type of fraudulent activity that you suspect this person to be involved.
  • Do not report anything that you do not know for sure. There are penalties for reporting false information, so stick with the facts.
  • Be certain that you understand the situation surrounding the person’s disability. Work may complicate the person’s condition more than you know. Some people are unable to work because they have to be medicated frequently throughout the day. There are also many individuals on disability who have to make trips to the hospital on a weekly or even daily basis. Other individuals may suffer from a psychological or mental condition that makes them appear quite normal, but they may, in reality, be struggling deeply on the inside. You must be fully aware of their circumstances to be able to judge if they are fraudulently collecting benefits.
  • If you feel uncomfortable telephoning regarding your concerns, you can complete an online fraud reporting form, or mail in your findings to the Fraud Hotline at:

Social Security Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 17768
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

When working properly, the Social Security Disability program is a wonderful asset. To those individuals suffering and unable to work, or even waiting out the last stage of their lives, it is often a much-needed benefit. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of a good thing and use it improperly, as is the case with fraudulent behavior. While reporting this kind of activity is important, it is also a serious leap to take. Before you report your suspicions, you should realize that the most important thing is to know all the facts, and to move forward only if you are certain you have a definite case of fraudulent conduct.


whether or not they are qualified to collect ssdi is not the biggest problem, it is the people working cash under the table that are the problem, ssdi allows a small amount of extra income, but when you are talking thousands of hiddnn income, they should not be collecting no matter what physical.mental state they are in

I would like to know how someone on S.S. can pick up and go to Canida every month for 2 to 3 weeks at a time and people who work can't even take a vacation.Should you want any more information on who this individuale is, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly tell you.

I know a lady who's collecting ssdi & disability pmts from a city and she's no more disabled than an NFL player. how does one report this? my phn 619 342 5068 thanks for your help

Yes, its more bothersome when they are from another country and are married to an American and decide to open their own cleaning business. The wife receives SSDI, as well as her children because of a kidney issue she has, which is legit???, however, she is the only employee in their company and though they are registered with the state (all in his name) all the money is not claimed. If you hurt that bad how can you work F/T for your business cleaning at that, while your husband has a complete other job 40+ hours a week. Extra income galore but sucks it right from the system to ruin it for others. Definitely some b.s.!

I can see on the surface that the person is working full time and collecting SSDI but depending on the disability a pwrson can make 1000.00 a month on SSD a quite lower amount if she is collecting SSI, I do have a problem because Ive been disabled from birth And went to college to get a BS and I still cant drive because my CP affected side, Ive looked for work but no one will even give me a chance

I would like to know how someone can collect ssd for a hurt back but can ride horses everyday...paint complete houses for cash money build horse stalls and run heavey equiptment for planting...

My ex is an alcoholic and snorts percasets he got throwed out of pain management in ohio because he tested positive for marijuana. He hurt his back at work between 7/10 years ago he drinks 60+ beers a week has pancreatitis ends up in hospital for a week at a time his unemployment ran out so now moving to florida to sign up but he claims his back hurts but he can play golf and fish and still do side tree jobs.his friend told him they won't go by his back but by ment a l issues so he went and got therapist so he can get on meds he takes all his pills blood pressure stomach pill anxiety pill depressant pills and cholesterol pills with beer he starts drinking first thing in morning he drives while drinking beer and he over takes his depressant pills and muscle relaxers he buys the percosets off his friends who get them from pain management he has worked all this time climbing trees for a living and couldn't pay for his pills because of his drug and alcohol abuse and has to live with his mom in florida he thinks by going there he can get pain management and his records won't follow him he lifts heavy stuff and I feel he is going to fraud the system especially asking everyone how to beat the system by trying for his back or mental they all told him mental.he refuses to get help for his addictions and he goes from doctor to doctor if they refuse him pain pills so now he buys them from Friends and people on street all his money goes to that he snorts 15/30 pills within two days it's amazing he is still here ..

Like you Lori, I feel your pain! I am dealing with almost the same situation! He has only one child, which he never bothers with or acknowledge he has one. He has been an out-patient 3x's for drug use, 2 of them were to keep his job the 3rd was to just to pacify. It never worked because he doesn't want it. He preferres his drugs & drinking, just as she does too!!! As he's still doing drugs, he was arrested for DUI-Narcotics-with the intent to sell & out of state. Pathological liar and theif they both are. He has lied to SSD, the Courts, Employers, Landlords, Family, friends and counted on getting SSDI, to get out of child support payments. He boasted & is proud of it and he called people announcing he doesn't have to pay child support ever again because the SSD is paying it for him. So many wasted time in court for the same things over and over. He can't get a job due to his history of stealing from his employer, always late, job performance was declining fast putting his employer in jeopardy as well as clients. Not a day went by where he was always strung out on something, which between all that, got him fired. Word spread quickly so it's impossible for him to get a real job. Constantly being evicted and lies to the next fool, claiming the are from different states/areas and need a place to stay ASAP because their children or family member is dieing so the landlord will not to run a background check on him & his wife. He continues to work weekly,for cash, and of course never reports it or banks it(that's a paper trail) and she works a full time job. He first claimed he had 1 herniated disc in his lumbar to file for SSD. When he was denied twice, someone told him to play out the act for his back and add in depression and Bi-polar and then he never could be denied!! As they continue to play out this roll/act they have stolen electric, cable, cell phones, prescription meds from people's home,while visiting as well as Hospice patients medications. They know the loop holes and have scammed everyone and everything to get away without having to pay for things and reap the rewards of FREE $$$, Food Stamps, Healthcare and what ever they can get their hands on. Opened a PO BOX, never report their new address, so they can't be found quickly and the list goes on and on and on!! Amazingly, always manage to take many(2-4 yr) nice vacations within the US as well as out and to the Islands. If it's out there, they will find a way to get what they want by lieing, stealing, and scamming on TAX PAYERS DOLLARS. MAKES ME & OTHERS WHO KNOW THEM SICK, WHILE BUSTING THEIR BUT JUST TO MAKE ENDS MEET! :( :( SOCIAL SECURITY NEEDS TO CATCH HIM AND PUT HIM AWAY! FRAUD IS STEALING AND BOTH A CRIME....NOW DO THE TIME. IIII

Hello, thank you and we appreciate your concern. If you truly believe this individual is committing fraud, I would report it to the SSA immediately. You can call the SSA's Fraud Hotline toll-free at 1-800-269-0271 or by completing the Fraud Reporting Form.

My ex is on SSD/SSI for bipolar and fibromyalgia. He sells scrap metal for cash, goes to amusement parks and posts pics online enjoying rides, and recently my child reported strong smelling plants with fuzzy purple things that he sells in bags and wrappers growing in the house. Social Security is funding this home grow operation. Good job Social Security. P.S. I have turned him in but he still collects!

If an absent parent is collecting ss benefits. I'm pretty sure you can get ss benefits for child support

I found this post and was not surprised to hear about all of the fraudulent claims with Social Security I have someone that I know personally that has been fighting for disability for 3 years and is currently waiting to go to court again July works everyday just bought a truck for himself claim he is in pain 24 7 he gets morphine oxycontin tramadol and many other drugs and there is nothing wrong with him but normal body aches body aches and damage that this person did to themselves from a motorcycle wreck this person easily can drink and has been drinking 30 beers a day live with a person on disability knows people on disability everybody in the neighborhood is on disability and they're all fraudulent. what the hell is going on in this world? I have video recordings of this person telling their story and how they rip off the system working using there so-called disability body parts it seems to work just fine but somehow has been able to con the doctors con the attorneys con everybody including their family. this person was able to lie to their employer because the employer fired them for being drunk on the job and because that employer didn't give them a piss test they were able to collect unemployment for 2 years this person spent 15 years in prison and this person has claimed to have killed people so if I report this person I would probably end up dead what would you recommend I do??? there is no guessing here I have multiple video tapes multiple recordings to validate everything I'm saying.

Hi there,
What a shame. If you know this person's Social Security number, you can report him for disability fraud. He will not be notified of who reported him, just that the SSA is investigating the case. You can report disability fraud here:

I'm facing the same issue she goes horse back riding while on vacation. And posts it in Facebook but claims to have to worse back and on lots of pain mess that now she is abusing.

Recently received SSI after 3 denials and waiting 10+ yrs to file in hope of getting better , it's barely enough to get by , in fact owning a pet is my only luxury! Yet today I watched my neighbor who collects full benefits has a spouse with a very good job in the health insurance field out snow blowing multiple driveways with his new snowblower , the most disturbing thing is he took work from a friend that's unemployed with no benefits and an ill child , this friend helps all the elderly woman in the neighborhood out of kindness for nothing or minimal cost . Because he believes in paying it forward and something good will come from it . He has a criminal record paid the price and has been proof that our system can rehabilitate and provide skills to go back into society and be proof that mankind does value freedom and values that make up the morals we abide by. Yet can't even get a job at a fast-food establishment without the shame that continues to follow him ... How dies this differ from SS fraud? His crime didn't harm anyone stole a Xmas tree from a discount store , it was deemed strong arm robbery .. I believe our system has many corrupt officials acting inappropriately causing persons lifelong hardships falsely.... Need advocates for unfairly accused while others go on knowingly stealing government funds . this

and how is a man, 50's collecting full coverage after getting a lawyer to prove he cannot work even part time, but still able to go buy a nice big boat, trailor it, lanch it, fish all day and then put it back on the trailor to head for home,,,, ? And how can he become the nanny for adopted kids,2 and 3 yr olds, baby sitting them all day, while wife works all day,, then act like he has it so badly,, more money coming in from Adoption,,,,,, ???!!!

Record it then report it use google shared video to get the pi to look at them sooner. Ssi ssdi drag their feet on cases. Honestly if someone is on it or workers comp and they can go shopping walk and get around unassisted then they can work.

I'd like to know that also !! I know a person collecting disability benefits .. Riding .. Snowmobiling .. Sitting on a tractor in a field for hours on end ... doing firewood .. Where do you go to report ?

My ex did same thing. Still does. Drugs, boats, construction work, cash of course. Deals drugs. And his DTR spends kids Ssi on cigs, booze, hotels, drugs, , trade off, , makes me sick. Kids lives with her dad. He gets nothing, but aafraid to turn mom in. She is crazy. Likes her drugs and freedom. On our money.

to all yall hatters out there wanting to get your ex lovers or whom ever they are or were to you in trouble with the government... why don't you get a life and try to be happy for once ,quit worrying about what he or she is doing --obviously its better than you so, try and shine bright to make that "d-frauder" want to turn you in--I bet you can not do it-- that's why you are all up in some one elses business because you have no (life) business of your own... poor sha tee baby... you should try and get some government fun too yea you nobody yea you. take a pill or two and then you see that maybe you can be happy. but I doubt it .. but you can still apply while you get high don't give up just try and one day you might get that back pay... hey hey hey back pay... it will be a good day when they back pay... they say its a thrill the day when you get back pay and take a pill... but don't deal for real ....

My brother "has a bad back" sued the company he worked for.....he plows, carries hay and bags of under the table for his son in laws dad's excavating company, cuts wood, plants and combines a large field of corn for which he gets the money made from it. Works on cars, builds decks, and when he gets a chance he fills in the empty spots with law suits. And he's been getting SSD for a few years now.....he's 57 years old. I am 61, 2 open hearts for bad valves, pacemaker, CHF, a heart attack, and more. Married when I was 20....been sick with all this since I was 24....NEVER APPLIED FOR DISABILITY! I have worked at times over all these years. His wife works, he gets SSD, plus works all the time doing anything.....(.My husband and I just took care of my step-dad he died in 2012 ) And My mom from 2012-April 2014..he would not help take care of her, except borrow money constantly. She died, he made up all kinds of lies, got mom's money and believe it or not sued my husband and I for $24, he got $66,000.00 for doing nothing but scamming! I hope he gets caught, and has his SSD stopped and pays dearly for his con-artist ways!

Hi there,
I am really sorry to hear about this situation. I would highly recommend reporting your brother to the SSA if you want justice to be served and for him to pay back the benefits that he's been receiving but hasn't deserved. You can report the fraud here:

I would like to know this as well and makes good money under the table building houses claims to have a back problem but if that's the case you could not do this kind of work

I agree, our friend is on total disability for his back yet golfs a minimum of 9 holes everyday, mows his lawn with a push mower, vacuums his entire house everyday, chops and stacks wood, and works on his cars...

Hi there,
You can definitely report that fraud, but it is a little more challenging than you may believe. You will need to know the Social Security number of the person you are reporting.

How about turning in a $200,000 winning scratch ticket and another $100,000 winning scratch ticket in the state of Idaho with in the last 12 months and still drawing full benefits. Able bodied for sure but chooses not to keep a job for fear of loosing all his free benefits.

Hi there,
This may actually be perfectly legal if the person is receiving SSDI benefits. SSDI benefits are work-based, so sudden windfalls such as inheritances or winning the lottery would not affect monthly benefits.
If this person was receiving SSI payments however, he or she would be automatically kicked off the program, as the SSI asset limit is only $2,000.

I work with a guy who's gets paid cash n yet collects over 600 a month in ssi didablity for a suppose case of arthritis. Yet he works everyday manual labor for cash. It is wrong n y other who really need it don't get the right appropriations.

I know of someone who gets disability that I think is capable of working. One time he said he gets it because he has seizures, but if that were the case, then wouldn't he not have his driver's license? Then he said he got it because he HAD colon cancer, which he says has been treated and cured. I know someone that had a MAJOR organ transplant, a liver, and is on anti-rejection meds for the rest of their live and disability made her go back to work after a few years! This mentioned person is PHYSICALLY able to perform a job. He works his own landscaping company for cash money ONLY! He is in his own yard doing landscaping brick (all the way around his whole house). He has a van (with no company logo, so there is no proof) and 3 trailers and a garage FULL of expensive mowers (at least 3 Dixie choppers, like $3,000 + each). He tried to get my husband and I to start a landscape company with him. I told my husband hell no, I want nothing to do with that! He wants OUR name on everything, wants the CASH part of it in case he gets busted, then it can come back on us! He also goes around to all the neighbors and offers to do odd jobs for them for cash! I told my husband DO NOT contribute to his charity case! He gets a structured settlement from a previous job, gets a disability check, and works for cash under the table. I know you are allowed to make a few dollars on disability, but he doesn't claim it (because he is a greedy scammer). Now someone that is capable of doing heavy duty work and heavy duty work on his own property (I am not talking about regular maintenance, like pulling weeds) can go out and get a job and pay taxes! He complained when he didn't get his tax refund, his taxes were amended! He has also mentioned there is no way he would ever go back to working a regular job!

I agree! I know someone who Collects SSI for a nerve problem. Which I know this person really has that issue, however she is working u for cash whether it's daycare or cleaning houses. How do you prove that I am against people abusing the system but isn't it hard to prove?

Hi there,
Yes, if someone's income was more than $1090 per month, he or she would be automatically disqualified for SSDI benefits.

I know someone that is collecting disability for PTS because he kids were killed 4 years ago and his review is in the next month. He has not seen any kind of doctor since approved or taken any meds. He is self medicating with lots of beer and meth and I hope they take it away from him so he can deal with real life like the rest of us. Need more info on this person feel free to contact me.

PTSD is a serious disorder that only gets worse if not treated. You cant tell someone to suck it up and move on from tramatic experiences. This person needs some HELP if they are self medicating with alcolohol and drugs bc that means they are also an ADDICT (addiction is a disease). PTSD never goes away on its own only with treatment just bc you dont understand it dont try to ale someones life worse who suffers from it Why wouldnt you want to HELP this person? Sounds like you need some help as well with some anger issues and lack of compassion.

Yes it is, but it is also serious to lead a life of drinking, loss of childrena custody and lazy drunk nites, finally he is getting some VA help, but had the audacity to say I "jeopardized his kids" , thinking I called Child protective Services on his Mom and step dad for too harsh spankings of his lost custody two children 2 and 3,, HE JEOPARDIZED his kids, lost them and now the step adoptive father is a loser who is on complete disability, has brain damage, won't work, drinks at times, mean to these kids, has epilepsy/seizures grand mall a few years back,, yet I caused jeopardize of his children? He drank like a fish before he was over in Iraq,not in the combat but a builder. Some where we need an anonymous way to report these cheaters, and I may yet. I am fed up, seems granny gets blamed for all my grown kids troubles? NOT. Anger? sure, I am angry at the system that allows even Illegals to collect from my tax money! I am 70s, disabled and fighting just to get medicare in my senior years?

Someone in deep grief over the loss of his babies, his future and heritage and YOU want to stab that knife in deeper and twist it ??? How hateful can anyone be!!

There was a guy that lived out from me.He was younger than me he is around 30. I couldn't figure out how he was able to support his self seeing how he wasn't working.He would later tell us he was on SSI. He went on to say at first it was his back,then later he said it was his nerves. So not real sure why he is getting it.But what amazed me,was the parties,drugs that went on at his apt. He would later tell how he was making runs from here in Tennessee to Florida and getting pills down there and pills here.Later on his girl friend dies in her sleep.She was on drugs and threw up in her sleep and drowned to death.Ever day that you seen him,he was always messed up on pills.He would later brag to us all, Telling us if we wanted to get on checks,that all we had to do was be committed to the local nut house *what he called*.He said to go in there act like your depressed and suicidal.He said when they let you go home,Go right back up there again.Keep doing it .He said to get a lawyer and get him to help you sign up on SSI. What got me was he laughed about it.He thought it was so funny how he said * he is screwing the system*.He said he has been on SSI for years. Here he is young more than able to work. Has tenncare and is able to abuse it too .I'm not expecting much to anything to really happen to him on this.It seems people like him can abuse the system and get by with it. Here I am with diabetes high blood pressure neuropathy in my feet and hands panic disorder depression * and I have a councilor that comes to my house twice a month plus go see a psychiatrist once a month *threw a type of system they see me for free thank god*..I do with out my medicine no insulin no blood pressure pills no ..Nothing...But he can get nerve pills, he can get his pain pills.To me there is something way wrong with this picture...The insulin that I need a month cost around three hundred dollars.. So why I sit here and wait for my liver and kidneys to get bad.. This guy is accepting checks for sitting on his tail end and for his pills. And yes I have applied for SSI. I have no shame in saying I have. But without having money to go to see the doctors, I am to sit here and watch people like this guy get away with this. It's sickening. I can give you the guy name , I can give you the link to his profile on facebook. He does not hide how he parties,you can see for yourself in his pictures he post...

My niece receive ss for her son she lied to her apartments and stated she doesn't have any income also to get the ss she stated to the social administration that she helps my mom party bills and that she lives with my mom so she could get the full amount but that was lie too.she live on her and gets child support over 500 per month is this fraud?

My niece receive ss for her son she lied to the social security office telling them that she lives with my mom and her child support she gets she helps he own bills which she doesn't give my mother a dollar nor does she live with my mother she has her own apartment and she told her apartments that she doesn't get ss so they wouldNT raise her rent is this fraud

there are 2 peoeple in alabama trying to apply for disability!! these 2 are a married couple in which he will not get a job he will do odd jobs just to get by , jamie his wife chooses to sit on her hind end and not try to work either its frustrating to see so many actually trying to make effort and these 2 that i know are no more disabled ...... i do believe they have applied for disability ssi or something like this !!! please keep this between us and private thanks !they do not need this they are well and able bodied to work !!!


I understand your frustration. Fortunately, the screening process for disability benefits is rather stringent. So if this couple is trying to "scam the system", there is a good chance they won't be approved for benefits.

It is important to keep in mind that there are many types of disabilities that aren't apparent to outsiders. Perhaps he or she may be suffering from a condition that you aren't aware of.

Either way, I appreciate your concern!