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Is Filing a Social Security Disability Appeal Worth the Time and Effort?

When applying for Social Security Disability benefits, many people assume that it will be a smooth process with minimal complication. You file the application, provide the necessary documents, and wait for the approval letter. Unfortunately, receiving Social Security Disability benefits is rarely ever that simple. In fact, only about 30 percent of initial applications for Social Security Disability are approved. What happens if your application is one of the remaining 70 percent that are denied disability benefits at the initial stage of the process?

What Happens if the Social Security Disability Funds are Cut?

Social Security Disability Insurance provides financial assistance and help for people who cannot work due to a crucial disability. It is paid for by a Social Security Fund, which is funded by taxpayer dollars. Millions of Americans are dependent on this fund to pay rent, food and other monthly bills. Americans who work legally and pay taxes are contributing into a system that those that are permanently disabled and have certain medical conditions can take advantage of. However, there are some things that are jeopardizing the effectiveness of the program.

DisABILITY Series - Guide to Access Symbols

Access for Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

This access symbol indicates access for individuals who lack either partial or complete visual ability. For example, the access symbol may be used in public places, such as museums and parks, to help the concerned individuals find their way to a guided tour, to a scented garden in the park, or to a touchable exhibit in the museum.

DisABILITY Series - Exercise Benefits

It’s scientifically proven that exercise can offer many health benefits to everyone. Exercising reduces the risk of almost all major illnesses that are the cause of death for thousands of people each year, in each country around the world. Here are some of the reasons why professionals in the health field highly recommend exercising to anyone. Exercise:

DisABILITY Series - Universal Design

How Does Universal Design Benefit Disabled Individuals?

Universal design is a concept that refers to designing products, buildings, and the environment in general to be accessible or usable by the largest spectrum of people. It means that the product, building, or environment should be designed such that it can be used or accessed by an individual of any age, or whether able or disabled. In short, universal design seeks to have products, buildings, and environments that can be used and accessed by anyone.

DisABILITY Series - Service Animals

We can sometimes underestimate how important animals are to our lives. If you've ever seen a service animal at work, however, you may witness how useful animals can be. Even an untrained animal can be a companion, a protector, and a friend, but service animals do all that and more. In many cases, a service animal can literally save your life.

DisABILITY Series - Assistive Technology

One of the big things that sets us, as humans, apart from animals is the way we use tools. For thousands of years, humans have been using tools to do what they couldn't, from starting fires to flying. From a cane made out of a tree branch all the way up to space-age implants and robotic prosthetics, we have found ways to make the lives of everyone, especially the disabled, easier, healthier, and more fulfilling.

DisABILITY Series - The Americans with Disabilities Act

Introducing the DisABILITY Series, where we provide you with information about ways to improve your lifestyle and educate about the progression of the disability community. Despite your disability, whether mental and/or physical, this series will help to advocate and provide helpful knowledge. Today, let's start with an important piece of legislature that everyone should be aware of, that's right, the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Disability Dialogue— Research & Preparation

Our most recent blog series—Disability Dialogue—has helped us take a closer look at the Social Security Disability application process. Each post focuses on one applicant’s journey and experiences. It is our hope that readers will be able to learn from the hardships and successes of the individuals that we have interviewed and that they will be able to use the information to improve their own application experiences.

Disability Dialogue-- Long Waits, Endless Questions, and Financial Complications

In keeping with our latest blog posts, we interviewed a woman about her experience with the Social Security Disability application process. It is our hope that these interviews will provide you with realistic expectations, improve your experience, and potentially prepare you to submit your own application for disability benefits.


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