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Submitted by Noah on Wed, 12/21/2011 - 08:02

I was just recently told my grown disabled blind daughter, who receives SSI, may be eligible for further benefits due to her dad being disabled, retired early with COPD and receiving SS benefits. Is this true? She is 26 years old, and we are STILL waiting on her medicaid waiver to kick in so we can get help caring for her. Right now I am concerned she gets all she deserves as she needs a structured program during the day when I work instead of just loafing around all day doing nothing, and I cannot afford that out of pocket.

Nicole (not verified)
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My son is 8 and his dad passed away last year. Both sides of his grandparents were able to be his Rep payee They denied me { The mother} Who he has been living with and still currently lives with.
My son was born in 2008 and anytime before that I was a loser with no head, hope or dreams in my brain anywhere in the near future
02/27/2008 That all changed I'm still sober, I work f/t, I love being a Being a mommy and a at home business with my fiance and out newest addition 18 month old Haleigh.
We live in a big beautiful home in the suburbs and yet we have not been able to afford
a car But were happy and our kids have have everything they need.
When his dad passed they would not let me his birth mother be his rep payee
I'm not on probation, No felonies no nothing for 10+ years.I have full access to the acct he is on with my mother I have saved every single receipt I am ocd clean and organized espcially with money and have turned my life around as well as a much better enviorment for my 2 angels. MY entire point is I have been off probation for 3+ years , No recent charges or even traffic infractions, All money has been accounted for, I have letters from multiple support groups stating how far I have succeeded, I have even shown them my completion diplomas for parenting, anger and drug treatment for over a years time period I did that volntearly.My savings of 2800 That I needed to spend to get my license cleared So we can be safe driving on the road again Hopefully we can go on our 1st family vacation away from the scenery in Florida
Social security has it twisted if they think I would ever go back to tat life or show my kids that I was even bout that. It is extreamely embarassing that when my son asks for some of his money to get a little something I have to explain this entire situation and how messed up this world can be. I pray it gets better,
So.......Going to SS again this week to try and have my 8 year old son Put his mommy his rep payee Making sure he makes all the right decisions in his life

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