Having Problems with my Asperger's Son

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 07/07/2015 - 11:49

I am representative payee on my son's account. As part of his life experience learning he was given a bank card with access to his funds. He has taken advantage of his funds. As with many Asperger's, he is a loner and has clung to the internet for socialization. He has online "gaming" friends. He says he is NOT naive and that he would never fall for online scams but I feel that he has. He has multiple charges to Western Union and buys gifts for people. I pointed out that he is "buying" friends. HE is VERY upset ...like meltdown upset. He is 27 years old now. If he gets violent he will be going to jail or worse. Now a days they are not fooling around. They will taze or even shoot. As a representative payee i feel a responsibility not only to him but to myself to stop this misuse of funds. i reminded him that I could be held not only monetarily responsible but maybe even criminally responsible. He does not seem to care. Should I now be looking for placement for him before the other above scenerio happens with the police?

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I would cancel the card, or talk to the bank to only allow so much of the income to be available for him to use, after all his expenses are paid by you.

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