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SSDI length of time for back pay?

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SSDI length of time for back pay?

When I initially met with my attorney, I was told that back pay would go back one year from application, minus 5 months (I had already waited over 2 years to file because I was told I would have "full recovery" after my 2 fusion surgeries). I've received my acceptance letter but not my back pay yet, and during my search for more info on the process I came across a SSDI page stating that even if it takes 24 months for your claim to get approved, you can only receive pay for 12 months. Can anybody help clarify this for me please? Also, I have friends who received their back pay before or immediately after their approval letters (NY), but I've seen posts by people saying it took several months so I was wondering if there was a formula for when I can expect mine? I'm not looking to go on a spending spree, but I have a mortgage, car payment, property and school taxes, and children to feed and clothe as well as one in an expensive college. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and all input is appreciated.

I was injured in April 2015

I was injured in April 2015 and applied for SSD benefits in May 2015 and awarded benefits in September 2015 am I do any backpay?

My daughter was turned down 2

My daughter was turned down 2 x in the past she got a disability lawyer finally approved she applied...9/2012....
..Approved. Aug 2015 Does That mean that she would get all that Back pay ..from 9/2012 Til now.

Hi there,

Hi there,
It sounds like she will! That is a long time to wait. Assuming she didn't restart the claim from the beginning, she should be eligible for a couple of years of back pay.

I was also approved attorney

I was also approved attorney said they woul d go back to 2012 when I filed???

Hi Jan,

Hi Jan,
This could be true. It would depend on when your Established Onset Date (EOD) is. Your EOD is when the SSA decides you became disabled. It's often when people apply, but the judge could push it forward.

i recieved benifits in nov

i recieved benifits in nov 2004 it took them 16 months to approve it and i didnt recieve any back pay

Hi Douglas,

Hi Douglas,
I am sorry to hear that! I think that if you were entitled to back pay, you would have received it by now. It is likely that the judge who approved your claim changed your onset date and thus changed the time of your disability.

Lawrence Kennedy
How much will my ssdi

How much will my ssdi payments be this year. I,m currently getting 911.00 a month.

Hi Lawrence,

Hi Lawrence,
There will actually be no COLA this year, so your monthly benefit will not go up in 2016.

I have been waiting five

I have been waiting five months for my back money, but the lawyer and ssi have been paid.

Hi there,

Hi there,
So sorry to hear that. This is unfortunately all too uncommon. Back pay can sometimes take over a year to arrive. Hopefully yours comes much earlier than that!

I received my ssd award

I received my ssd award letter today anyone know how soon you get back pay? or monthly benifits? does it ever come before the actual date that they state? anything would be helpful thanks!

Hi Jen,

Hi Jen,
I hate to break it to you, but it's very unlikely that your back pay will come before the date the SSA states it will. It'll usually come within four months of the date you receive your first direct deposit.

I filed back in july, got my

I filed back in july, got my money deposited into my account on friday. Haven't received my award letter yet....

That's pretty strange, Diane.

That's pretty strange, Diane. You should call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to see where your award letter is.

Tom Romano
I have been very surprised to

I have been very surprised to see that most people on SSDI do not know that their benefits are being cut by 19% at the end of 2016.

Hi Tom,

Hi Tom,
This hasn't been confirmed yet. There is still ample opportunity for congress to modify the current situation and prevent this.

Hi Eva. I hope SS has finally

Hi Eva. I hope SS has finally caught up with your husband's back pay. I had my hearing with the ALJ on March 18. Received my Fully-Favorable decision on April 27 and just received my award letter last week stating amounts (per month) of back pay dating back to Jan 2013. Here we are late in May and my bills are piling up, so I was just curious how long it took from award letter to deposit of back pay. Thank you in advance for your reply, and best of luck to you and yours.

I'm in calif and was

I'm in calif and was approved's July.2015...still not recd backpay..went into office last week said processing center was waiting for email from them regarding not qualifying for ssi and said they would send email to confirm email...still no backpay

Once it's at the

Once it's at the processing center it will search all agencies if you owe money to your lawyer,child support workers comp and ect. Then after this is completed they will send it to the payment center and will take up to 30 days for your back pay,lump sum to be issued.

Hi Laura,

Hi Laura,
I am sorry to hear that you still have not received your back pay. When did you receive your first disability check? Back pay usually comes within 120 days of receiving your first check, although sometimes it can take longer.

I never received ssi for my

I never received ssi for my child when was in school. He graduated in 94, can he still receive what's owed to him while he was in school

Hi Josephine,

Hi Josephine,
You'll need to contact the SSA about this. I am not sure if he is entitled to benefits from 20 years ago, but they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Could someone inform me on

Could someone inform me on how Social Security back pay is computed

Kelly, it is important to

Kelly, it is important to note that back pay is distributed differently depending on whether you are approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
If you qualify for SSI benefits, you will be entitled to compensation as far back as your initial application date. If your case lasts a long period of time, you may end up receiving a large amount of back pay.
If you qualify for SSDI benefits, you will be entitled to compensation as far back as your initial application date. Depending on your specific circumstances you may also be entitled to back pay for one year prior to your application date. For SSDI however, there is a five month waiting period that will be subtracted from your total back pay.
For example:
If your claim is approved five months after you apply for benefits, you will not be entitled to Back Pay (5 month approval process, less 5 month waiting period). If your claim is approved a year after application, you will be entitled to seven months of Back Pay (12 month approval process, less 5 month waiting period).
If your claim is approved 24 months after application, your will be entitled to 12 months of Back Pay (even though a 24 month waiting period less a 5 month waiting period is 19 months, the limit for Back Pay is 12 months).
If you are confused at all by this information, check out this page on back pay.
Good luck! I hope I was able to clarify things for you.

i just got a letter yesterday

i just got a letter yesterday about being fully approved so whats next? my lawyer said i will get 2yrs back pay, do i wait or go to ss office?

Hi Mary,

Hi Mary,
You currently do not have to do anything. All of your income will be deposited directly into your account.

You are forgeting one issue

You are forgeting one issue with SSDI if you go befor a Judge the Judge can approve you to what they called your ON SET DATE..for example you may apply for SSDI say Sept of 2012 but when you 1st file they ask you when did you know you were not able to work anymore so lets say it was May 2010. So the Judge approves you for you being disabled back to again what they call you ONSET DATE so with this example you would get back pay from Oct 2010 to current. SSDI is always one LUMP SUM SSI is paid in INSTALLMETS.

I was told by SSA that a

I was told by SSA that a decision was made on March 25th 2015. SSA told me that if I hadn't received an approval letter within 15 days of decision that I could call back on the 15th day and they would be allowed to inform me of the decision by phone. My attorneys office told me that they had never heard that before. I'm now 5 days away from that date. As I am terminally ill time is very important. Also I filed 25 months ago and became terminal 1 year after originally filing and my case was then considered dire need and I was then given the hearing date which I attended February 12th 2015. My original application date was March 27th 2013 if that helps any. My onset date was July 1st 2009.

Hi Jay,

Hi Jay,
I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. I've never heard of being able to call and get an approval over the phone either. Aside from waiting, the only way I've heard of checking the status of your claim is online. You can find it here:

My confirmation # was found

My confirmation # was found on the Social Security Administration retirement, survivors and disability insurance form. The form that this letter is is SSA - L2 (9/2008) it's basically has sent the letter they sent me saying they have received my completed application. It gives a telephone number I am not sure where you are but the number but it's giving me is 866-964-1725 and that is for Kern County California and you will be on hold for a while but calling the Social Security Administration office closest to you they will give you your confirmation number so you can log on. I'm not sure if this helped at all but I hope it does and there is a second way to log on to the Social Security website and that is going to the the top right corner it says sign in click on that and set up and online login account and that will actually if you can get it to let you make the account will give you more information than the site you are seeing which is asking for your social security or claim number and confirmation number. I do hope that helps a little bit because if you do have an attorney I dunno after the hearing there not much help good luck

Jerry, I am kinda curious to

Jerry, I am kinda curious to when you will receive your back pay also. My Husband passed away while waiting on SSDI. I continued the case and finally won. (imagine that, he only had to die to win) I was sent the letter of Fully Favorable and was called by the payment center for my daughter's back pay. My letter was dated March 23, 2015. I have not gotten any award letter and calling my local office and the main number has not done anything as far as answers. All were very nice but they did not have any answers either. All I was told is that my daughter was getting a back payment and I would receive the back payment that would have been for my husband. with you going through everything and the time frame I would be curious when you get yours. Good Luck and my prayers are with you.



im sorry but you are

im sorry but you are confusing RETROACTIVE BACK PAY,,,with actual back pay,,,,,,once your established onset day of disability is set,,,,its paid from that point example,,,,,i have an onset date of oct4.2012......unless your date is the first or second of the month,,,,,that acual month doesn't count so start with the 5 month waiting period innnov of 2012,,,,,,nov,dec,jan,feb,march,,,,,,,,those are the 5 months,,,,so I started "counting" in april of 2013,,,,,,,im up to 25 months and counting also SS pays for the previous month so you get "march" money in April,,,,youir post is confusing to people that need to hear the truth,,,,,,,,,,that SS only pays 12 months in back pay is so totally can get up to 12 months in retroactive pay ,,,,,NOT BACK PAY,,,,,,,,retroactive pay is if you put down on your app that you were disabled in oct 2013,,,,,,,they will go back to oct 2012 which is 12 months before YOU say you were....but back pay goes back to your onset date,,,,,not just 12 months,,,,hope that cleas this confusing post up.......don't get mad ...get the truth,,,and I just posted it

Thank you for making that

Thank you for making that clear. I keep hearing different things from different people and now I see how they are confused too. Now I understand and it is actually good news.

My wife was awarded full ssdi

My wife was awarded full ssdi back to 7/2009 her lawyer received his part 2/12/13 and we havent seen her back pay . She did get her 1st monthly ssdi check 4th week in Feb. 2013 and federal taxes were taken out as requested. So what to do?

Jim, I suggest you contact

Jim, I suggest you contact the representative who handles your wife's claim. He or she will be able to let you know what is happening with your wife's back pay. Good luck!

My husband was fully awarded

My husband was fully awarded SSDI on 1/25/2013 and received his award letter on 2/5/13. We applied immediately for SSI for our 2 small children on 2/14/13 and received their back pay for 2 years just 2 days after the phone application process, which was directly deposited into our checking account on a Saturday morning, however, we have yet to receive his actual SSDI back pay for him, which is somewhere around $35K. The attorneys were paid 4 weeks ago, and we've called SSA several times, only to get different answers each time. One person told us it can take 90 days from the day he was awarded. Another rep told us it can take 60 days from the date of the award letter. We were told in another conversation with SSA that it had not been processed because they had to ensure he hadn't filed for SSI for himself or any State benefits while he was in pending status. The rep said everything was clear with him and it could be processed and that it was a good thin he called because it was just "sitting there" so to speak. After reading horror stories online, I've had my husband call and stay on them because as I said, there have been many answers given over the past couple of months and today we were told that it should process 45 days after the award letter was issued, which was 2/5/13. The rep also said that today is only 43 days and that if we don't have anything by Friday, then to call on Monday and she can send a message to the processing center but if she sends a message too soon, it could cause a delay. So confused as to what to believe....hate to stop calling as we found out already it was just sitting there and it wouldn't have been "pushed forward" had we not called. We have things we need to take care of as well as a nice get away because of all we have endured the past 3 years with his disability and the claim process, appeal and so forth...I paid for our vacation when I got our income tax, assuming we'd have the back pay for our spending money by now...vacation is in 32 days. Yikes!!! Cross your fingers for us and say a prayer as well, I'm biting my nails....and SSA is a pain to deal with already!

My husband got his award

My husband got his award letter an was told how much he would be getting each month an how much back pay he he would get . The lawyer has been played an my husband is still waiting. He was also told 2 different things .that his back pay will be let go in about 60days .Today he was told they were still calculating it we are going to be homeless by the end of the month is there anything he can do to get his back pay sooner

Hi Dianne,

Hi Dianne,
He can only get his back pay sooner if he has a medical emergency.

Monica K.
You can also get your back

You can also get your back pay early for financial hardships, such as not bend able to make your mortgage payment. SSI can release 2199 when you are approved for SSI along with your monthly benefits, then 6 months later another 2199, and then 6 months later the remainder of your SSI back pay. However, if you have work credits and are approved for SSDI once you start receiving your monthly SSDI checks they will release all remaining back pay for SSI minus your attorney's portion of applicable. That is only if you will no longer get SSI- and an example of that would be if your monthly SSDI amount is $400- SSI would step in and pay $333 to equal $733 which is the max amount of SSI per month. That's the o my way you will draw from both programs.

Thanks for the help, Monica!

Thanks for the help, Monica!

Diane you can take your bills

Diane you can take your bills like electric and mortgage or rent and go the the nearest soc sec office with them and request they realease some of your backpay to pay them. They can do this and you will get it in a matter of days. Hopefully this helped you out

Molly C
Nellie, Unfortunately there

Nellie, Unfortunately there is no clear answer to this question. Many factors affect how long it takes for an individual to receive back pay. I suggest that you continue to regularly check in with the SSA. I'm sorry that I couldn't be more helpful! Best of luck.

Frustrated and Poor
This sounds like me!! I

This sounds like me!! I applied 3 years ago. Court date was Sept 2014. Judgment letter came Dec 2014. (I won but the onset date was shaved down to 2 years ago - ?)Jan 2015 Got a letter stating what the back pay was and when to expect 1st payment - March 15. No reference to my daughter was included. Within a week had an appt at SS, had her added and her backpay was in the bank. Second check was DD today but am hearing back pay/lump could take up to 90 days AFTER the first payment (which was March 2015). If we didn't have family that has been willing to loan us money against the lump, we'd have lost our home, our car, everything. 3 years is a long time with only one very modest income and three people to feed/shelter. I thank God and us taxpayers for the assistance but the system is horrible. What do the mentally ill, elders, disabled with no support do?

I had accident 4/20/13,

I had accident 4/20/13, applied 5/22/13; got denied twice, had court hearing 2/23/15. There was a delay getting the last part of my medical record to turn in - turned in last part of med record 4/13/15. 4/30/15 (Thursday), got a call from Judge's assistance telling I got a fully favorable decision. May 1st, 2015 (Friday), I went down to the hearing office to pick up my copy of ruling. Sunday morning (5/03/15), I checked my account at SSA, saw a note saying I got back pay deposit on 5/04/15 (Monday). It's a big check 19 months of back pay. I panic because I realized that the account the money was supposed to come in was an old closed account at Wells Fargo. Monday morning, as soon as the bank open, I brought in the printout proving back pay to the bank. I didn't have any account with Wells Fargo anymore. Talked to the bank, the bank opened a new account for me with 0 money. Tuesday morning, the money show up with the bank for my old account. The banker called to have the money rerouted. All done and good!! I'm happy.

My brother was awarded dado

My brother was awarded dado we also have a lawyer I am his poa n also ass wanted me to b my brothrs payee all paperwork submitted we r going to b come homeless at end of this month we have been over to ssa Office 3xs in last week my brothr collapsed this weekend from dehydration n depletion as we do not have money for food when he was released from hospital I took him directly to ssa to try to find out when we will get his backpay as we need this money to move they would not take his hospital paperwork or our failure to pay rent they want us to come back on thursdy to see a supervisor he was old for benefits on 7/31/2013 n was told he would see his backpay within 60 days n his 1st check on 10/9/2013 my brother has health issues heart, tbi n depression where do i go for help our lawyer can not reach anyone either they say that everything is in order n there is a prioroty on his case but not to keep asking for help b cause it will move u back why would that b the case?

I was awarded a full approval

I was awarded a full approval for SSDI and SSI . I was told by 3 different people 1. My attorney 2. the lady that handles the money part with my attorney that makes sure I get all my moneis awarded to me 3. The SSI rep. That total with SSDI and SSI combined a month I would receive $866 a month. My 1st payment was last month. I got $694 SSDI and $866 SSI so that confused me alot. My award letters say that I would get $24,000 back pay for SSDI and 17,000 for back pay SSI. (SSI would be be paid in 3 installments 6 months a part. I received a ONE TIME payment of $2599 (SSI) and then 2 weeks latyer I received a $1thousand something ONE Time payment from????? I called the lady in charge of the monies to day to ask about what that payment was and she told me that was my lump sum!!!!! I would get another payment in march of 2,599 and then 12,000 (the remainder ) next sept. I told her those numbers did not add up and where is the BIG one lump sum from SSDI. She said they deducted the 17000 from the 24000 and then 6000 for the attorney fees and then the 2 one time payments and thats whats remaining.... HUH??? Im no math major but Im sooo confused... I was told that I would be getting 2 separate paybacks.. SSDI and SSI why would they deduct from each other and be combined and then both be in 3 installments? I was told the BIG LUMP Sum would be from SSDI and the the smaller would be from SSI and that one would be in the 3 installments. Seems no one can help explain any of this to me since they all said something different... can anyone help me straighten this mess out?

Jena on question #27... I am

Jena on question #27... I am in the Same Situation..Got letter stating amounts of $ for backpay for SSDI AND SSI. My lawyer has been paid his $6,000. I have received my 1st BACKPAY check from SSI for approx $2,000 (and was told same info on SSI Back pay in 3 installments AND SSD IN ONE LUMP SUM) I'm worried after reading your story! Same thing happened... At first I was told SSI comes in 3 installments... SSDI in one lump. After I got 1st SSI back check... I called them...THE STORY CHANGED. SSD MAIN OFFICE in Washington told me that THE ENTIRE AMOUNT OF SSI BACKPAY WAS GOING TO BE DEDUCTED FROM MY LARGE LUMP SSD BACKPAY!! I'm SOOO confused. My Biggest QUESTION to everyone here.. It's been over 7 months now...I've been getting monthly 2nd SSI backpay is due to come in one month...and I haven't heard anything on the''biggest lump sum SSD check". Any advice from ANYONE?? Has any one here been through this? Or had the"deduction of what u received from SSI taken Out of your SSD Back check?

i just had my hearing with

i just had my hearing with the judge on my disabilty on 10.29.13. my lawyer said i was approved because the vocational personal said there wwaas no job i could do because of my disabilities. i dated my disability beginning 1/1/10 the judge said there was a sticky note on my folder from my 1st denial that person felt my disability began 9/09...that confused me anyways my lawyer informed me i would receive backpay from 9/09 till what 4+ yrs? ok why is some saying ssdi only backpays 12mths? also my kids will draw off of me my 14 yr old recieves ssi and i have a 4mth old..howe do or will they determine their benefits or backpay im sorry if im not making any sense i know what i want to ask not sure im using right words..also how long does it take to get your b/pay im sure it varies state to state im in ar...also my lawyer did mention 6m waiting period and stated i would recieve ssi in the meantime..if any one can help me understand i would relly appreciate it...also can student loans garnish ssdi??to all you with same situations as i hope thing hurry up for you i totally relate to how u are feeliin..again thank you and i hope one of you wonderful ppl can give me sum clarification...


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