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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 04/21/2014 - 20:36

I had a traumatic accident falling off a roof and onto a driveway. I sustained a vertebral compression fracture, fractured wrist, and a fractured talus that made my foot dislocate by nearly 180 degrees (i.e. the sole of the foot was facing up rather than down).

I still find myself suddenly feeling the edge of the roof creeping up my legs and torso as I slowly slipped off, the free fall sensations, impact and resulting skeletal rattling, the rubbery rub of my ankle cartilage as I turned my foot back to the normal direction, and the pain of traveling nearly 200 miles to the trauma center. It recurs every day for me but only once a week does it strike me so hard as to interfere with work. I find it has been increasing but slowly.

Would this be covered as PTSD in SSDI?

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That's exactly what has been happening to me after a number of traumatic experience

Leonidas S Borbajo (not verified)
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I retired from the Navy after 26 of continued service with no broken service from active duty. I had served during the Vietnam conflict without serving in country and had serve in between some conflicts. I was part of the First Responder in the Desert Shield and worked in the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier. I am an aircraft mechanic, flight deck coordinator, maintenance department supervisor, enlisted flight crew. I had seen a lot of aviation accidents in my career.. would I qualify for PTSD benefits since I am diagnosed with this illness and some other illnesses in addition and it is documented as service connection.


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Hi Leonidas,
Thank you for your service. You may qualify for that condition if you are able to provide documentation of it and that is affects your ability to work.

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