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how do I stop being representative payee?

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how do I stop being representative payee?
I have been my brother's re-payee(sp?) for several years and feel that he is more than capable of handling his own money. What is the process to change this arrangement?
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Representative Payee
Typically, the SSA assigns a representative payee to individuals that they feel are not capable of caring for themselves or handling their own money. If this changes, the disability recipient must provide the SSA with proof that he or she is now capable of receiving their own disability checks. This proof can be in the form of an official statement from a doctor or the court. The SSA will also consider other type of evidence that proves your brother's condition has approved. It is important to note that if you and your brother prove that he is capable of caring for himself, it is likely that the SSA will reevaluate his eligibility for benefits.
fatima bernardo
yes the reason i was my
yes the reason i was my husband rep. payee was because paralyze, and could not communicate, after almost 4 months still in hospital, but when i mention about this his face get so sad……so i am give up that titlle, because he's very alert , but still tube feeding ,weakness legs and arms,not talking very clear, but we all know he very disable, the doctors helping with this process, he have GBS-Miller Fisher Syndrome the rare one. My question is any chance they stop the benefits (they just going to start paying July) Thank you Fatima
how do I stop being
how do I stop being representative payee? I have been my brother's payee for 5 years and in that 5 years his girlfriend has harassed me, leaving threathen messages. She feels that she should handle his money saying give him his money I should be the one to control his money etc. it's been a nightmare for 5 years and it's not stopping. My brother is not capable to handle his business nor being able to handle his money. What ever she girlfriend is telling him he'll do it. And by doing what she saids he will be homeless like before using drugs and drinking it would be a mess. What is the process to get the courts to handle his affairs?
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Hi there,
Hi there, I am sorry to hear about this situation. You can read more about representative payees here. The girlfriend has no legal authority to tell you how to use your brother's benefits. I am not sure what the best scenario would be in this situation, but I would definitely report her to the SSA, especially if you have his best interests at heart and she doesn't. It is possible for an SSA rep to become his payee if she continues to harass you. Good luck.

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