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I am looking for what the letters after the claim number/social security number mean. I know that C1, C2, etc, means child and the SS number is actually a parents, but other letters, such as HA. Is there a list that can be printed out to know what each letter stands for?

Lisa Forsberg (not verified)
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My Medicare starts 2/16 and my disabled adult daughter received a medicare card with c2 after her number. What does this mean? Is she also going to be on medicare?

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Hi have a question after reading the above question it generated another question and that is C1, C2, etc, means child and the SS number is actually a parents (to mean that the child is receiving benefits because of the parents) so, till what age does the child receive the benefits?

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What does HA stands for after claim number?


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Hi Deborah,

The Social Security claim number identifies whose account the client is drawing from and why they are receiving those benefits.
HA: Disabled claimant (wage earner)


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what does the letter A after the social means. Is this regular social security benefits, old age


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Hi Nancy,
The letter refers to what relation you have to the person applying for disability benefits, "A" means that that person would be the primary applicant.

Loanda Bender (not verified)
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What HC1 after my SS number mean? I received a letter w a claim number stoping my son ck and the claim number include my SS and HC1 at the end.


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Hi Loanda,

HC1 is filed under a beneficiary identity code, however I would recommend speaking to a SSA representative.


Linda Hammond (not verified)
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Can you please tell me what the letters DC mean on a SS Awards Letter after the Claim / Social
Security number? THANK YOU!!


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HI Linda,
That's a social security beneficiary code. Generally, they describe what types of benefits you are eligible for. The awards letter should give you some detail about those benefits.

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what does ha stand for after your social security number


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Hi There,
The Social Security claim number identifies whose account the client is drawing from and why they are receiving those benefits.
HA: Disabled claimant (wage earner)

Kathy (not verified)
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What does it mean when your SSN is on your letter twice I have a letter A after one and the other I have DI


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Hi Kahty,

The letter refers to what relation you have to the person applying for disability benefits, "A" means that that person would be the primary applicant.

"DI" is The claim number is the social security number under which a claim is filed or benefits are paid. If you are an SSI beneficiary, your claim number is your nine-digit Social Security Number (SSN) (000-00-0000) followed by two letters such as, "DI,"

Vicky snyder (not verified)
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My question was, what does HA stand for after the ssn, I read that it means disabled client, but the letter was a denial letter

Dorothy (not verified)
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My exceptance letter from ss has an HA behind my ss # but when I printed out a proof of ss letter it only has an A behind my ss#. Which is correct or what does it mean ?

James (not verified)
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What if my awards letter says a on my SS # on top as my wife being my payee and Di on bottom with my SS # and then on her spousal benefits her awards letter has my SS # with a B behind it and her SS # has a DS behind it, doe's that mean anytime she wants she can complain and claim title 18 of SS act and take part of my future money etc..... please respond ASAP!! Much appreciated respectively not saying going to happen but read somewhere to that effect??


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Hi James,
I'm not sure what the "B" and the "DS" mean, but if your wife qualified for auxiliary benefits (payments in addition to yours) your monthly benefits will NOT be affects. These are just "extra" benefits because she's old enough to get assistance as well.

Mandy (not verified)
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I have a SS letter with the claim number and then A and then below that is the same claim number with DI. I know that A means primary applicant and DI means under which the claim is filed or benefits are paid. What I don't understand is what benefit am I receiving SS benefits or SSI benefits or both?

A Ratcliffe (not verified)
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I am rep payee for my disabled mother. Why do her benefits deposit as XXSocSec treasury 3** ASSA AND then My name
What is ASSA


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Hi there,
I really could not say, but you may want to contact your banking institution for more information about how it processes and labels transactions in your account.

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my husband award letter shows ss# with letter D my shows as my SS# with the letter DS please help to understand

Mary (not verified)
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What does the code DI mean after social security number

Susan (not verified)
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What does the DC mean after the claim number?


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Hi Susan,
It may mean that that person that the claim number is referring to is a dependent child.

Richard (not verified)
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Hello. Why does my benefit verification letter have XXXX-XX-0000 DI, and below that my social security number XXXX-XX-1234 C1 below that? The lower set with XXXX-XX-1234 C1 is my social security number and I think the code for my SSI disability award. But I cant figure out what the top numbers and DI stand for. Thanks if you can help.


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Hi Richard,
Those letter after those numbers are to indicate both which type of benefits you are receiving and a classification of who the beneficiary is.

Rich (not verified)
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Why would XXXX-XX-0000 C1 mean on the same SSI benefit Letter mean?
and XXXX-XX-1234 DI


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Hi Rich,
Those numbers indicate information about your case and are used by the SSA to determine which beneficiary you are, in the case there are more than one beneficiary to a claim.

Brenda Haley (not verified)
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What does Ssa mean


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Hi Brenda,

The SSA is short for Social Security Administration. They are the governing body the administers Social Security benefits in the United States.

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What does The A mean after SS?

Santa Claus (not verified)
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Social Security Number Codes

The codes following a Social Security number indicate the type of benefits you are entitled to. The Social Security number followed by one of these codes is often referred to as a claim number and they are only assigned once you apply for benefits. These letter codes may appear on correspondence that you receive from Social Security or on your Medicare card. They will never appear on a Social Security number card.

For example, if the Social Security of the wage earner number is 123-45-6789, then once you apply for retirement benefits; your claim number is 123-45-6789A. This number will also be used as your Medicare claim number, once you are eligible for Medicare.

Code Identification
A............Primary claimant (wage earner)
B............Aged wife, age 62 or over
B1..........Aged husband, age 62 or over
B2..........Young wife, with a child in her care
B3..........Aged wife, age 62 or over, second claimant
B5..........Young wife, with a child in her care, second claimant
B6..........Divorced wife, age 62 or over
BY..........Young husband, with a child in his care
C1-C9.....Child - Includes minor, student or disabled child
D............Aged Widow, age 60 or over
D1..........Aged widower, age 60 or over
D2..........Aged widow (2nd claimant)
D3..........Aged widower (2nd claimant)
D6..........Surviving Divorced Wife
E............Widowed Mother
E1..........Surviving Divorced Mother
E4..........Widowed Father
E5..........Surviving Divorced Father
F5..........Adopting Father
F6..........Adopting Mother
HA.........Disabled claimant (wage earner)
HB.........Aged wife of disabled claimant, age 62 or over
M...........Uninsured – Premium Health Insurance Benefits (Part A)
M1.........Uninsured - Qualified for but refused Health Insurance Benefits (Part A)
T............Uninsured - Entitled to HIB (Part A) under deemed or renal provisions; or Fully insured who have elected entitlement only to HIB.
TA..........Medicare Qualified Government Employment (MQGE)
TB..........MQGE aged spouse
W...........Disabled Widow
W1.........Disabled Widower
W6.........Disabled Surviving Divorced Wife

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Thanks, Santa Claus!

Confused person (not verified)
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What is a letter of explanation of determination?


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Hi There,

A letter of explanation of determination is a letter sent from the SSA that explains why they came to decision of denying your claim.

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What does it mean or what does it stand for when your social security number has a letter i hc1

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