How much are SSI monthly benefits in the state of North Carolina

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I have read that SSI benefits are different from state to state. If they are then I would like to know how much are the monthly SSI benefits in the state of North Carolina?

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Hi there,
The amounts vary by state as they may supplement SSI benefits, but the federal benefit limit is $733 a month, so that would be the maximum you could get in federal benefits.

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how much can you get if you are receiving social security disability but with your meds and housing you cant live on what you get


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Hi there,
It would really depend, you may not be eligible for some programs at the federal level but your state may have assistance programs available.

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Does an individual get state suplement in addition to the federal amount ?

Shirley (not verified)
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Do a person have to be in an assisted living facility to receive the state supplement in North Carolina in addition to the SSI they receive?


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Hi Shirley,
I really could not say, you may want to contact the office in North Carolina that handles the state supplement.

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I would like to know how much said would I get if I moved to north carolina


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Hi Vickie,

The benefit amount varies on a case by case basis. The SSA will factor in your income, costs for daily living needs, cost of living in your area, etc.

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How do you find out how much you will draw on ssdi


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Hi there, you will have to contact the SSA for an exact amount. To get an idea of how much you may receive monthly, you can use the SSA's online benefit calculator to get an estimate.

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what is N Carolinas contribution to SSI benifits

Annomyous (not verified)
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I'm moving to North Carolina from Connecticut in connecticut I get 750 a month Ssi for my daughter I wanna know will I get more in North Carolina does she qualify for more or will it be the same of less will she get the state supplement or not


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Hi There,

Social Security is a federal program and not a state one, so your daughter's benefits won't be affected positively or negatively by moving to another state.

Worried about … (not verified)
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I know that NC pay up to 700.00 or a bit more for SSI and supplement added if you are in assisting living but I have in home nurse and CNA with me at my home every day does that qualify for the addition of supplement

Stephanie (not verified)
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Currently receiving SSI benefits of $750. monthly in Oklahoma I am considering moving from Oklahoma to North Carolina. Need to know what my SSI benefits amount will be and any state supplamental payment


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Hi Stephanie,

Social Security is a federal program and not a state one, so if you move from Oklahoma to North Carolina you will see no changes in your benefits. You should notify the SSA once you have moved though.

Cynthia (not verified)
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If I move from Kentucky to Oklahoma how much ssi draw


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Hi Cynthia,

So Social Security benefits are a federal program and not a state program. If you move to another state, your benefits amount will not be effected. You should notify the SSA of any address change.

Steve (not verified)

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Eric, you are so wrong! Quit telling these folks stuff you have no idea about! All websites regarding SSI and SSDI will tell you that all except for 5 states do have added income to provide for SSI recipients. North Carolina has the highest SSI benefit rate in the USA. I just don't know if the added income to the SSI only pertains if you live in a facility or not. One would have to call the Soc Sec Admin in NC for that info.

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