How will drug use affect my approval chances?

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I'm currently waiting on an ALJ hearing, claiming severe anxiety and depression.

Recently became homeless waiting to be approved as I'm unable to work atm(I've tried/still trying.) Surrounded by the people I am & in my current mental state(a mess) I started heavily using drugs since then. I want to seek medical help immediately to prevent this from becoming a permanent, debilitating problem, but I'm less willing to do so if admitting drug use to a dr will enter my records and hurt my approval chances. I figure SS might see drug use as a self-inflicted issue that in turn caused the anxiety and depression I'm claiming. This completely isn't the case, as these problems have been with me my whole life.

Thank you.

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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about that! Please do seek help immediately. The SSA may not consider your drug use in your case as it seems to not be a cause of your condition. However, it may be a good idea to speak with a disability advocate or attorney as they can help maximize your chances of winning a case. If you fill out the form on the left, we can have one reach out to you.

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It may not affect your decision but if approved, they may decide you need a payee because of your drug past.


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Hi Anna,
Thanks for sharing! It is important to know who would be receiving the money for you.

Shannon (not verified)
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my case was denied at first so now it's at ODAR waiting for an ALJ , I have major depressive disorder Battered woman syndrome, PTSD, Agoraphobia, anxiety disorder , panic disorder, Extreme trauma, panic attacks , insomnia and stress induced insomnia. I can't go out in public it's hard to leave my house I isolate and I am a recluse I can't stand in line I can't be in big crowds and I have a fear of places I cannot get out of. The PTSD causes panic flashbacks and additional trauma extreme Hypervigilance and or a Dissociation state which causes my to panic and the extreme avoidance causes isolation. I guess about how long till I have my hearing and do any of you know if I qualify with my conditions? I've got years, and years of medical documentation I see a psychiatrist and a psychologist three times a month of my psychologist said she is willing to do anything she can to help me even go to court

wanda williams (not verified)
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I Have many problems..I am biploror, anxiety, panic attacks my big question is .If I have been in and out of jail/prision most my life and been a very heavy drug user most my life, which has caused me many health issues, will this help or hurt my claim to get disability?


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HI Wanda,
If you're not currently on those drugs and are making efforts to treat your conditions, it may not be a factor in your case.

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My daughter has dyslexia severe asthma hyperventilation at times and a skin condition also a learning disability at school and I applied twice and got denied with these B things that could qualify her??plz lmk


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Hi Roxanne,

I am so sorry to hear that. I can't say for sure, but the more physical evidence you have of your daughter's conditions, the better her chances will be of winning. Best of luck.

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