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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 08/20/2016 - 11:08

I have been named the representative payee for my adult child. I received a check with my name for the benefit of my adult child.
I tried to go to the credit union to set up an account and they said that there is a form that I need. I have no form. Just the original decision by the judge saying that my dependent "needed" a rep. payee. I showed them that document and gave them a copy of part of it. I don't feel comfortable (HIPPA) giving them the detailed report. They made copies of the two pages I gave them and sent them off and said that wasn't what they needed.
Called the SS office and left a message. Received several docs that outlined the scheduled payments and that I would be the payee, but no form to submit. Clearly I am the payee, the check is in my name.
Advice on setting up an account? Thank you. There is nothing online that I could find.

Wendy (not verified)
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I experienced the same thing when I tried to set up a joint bank account for my disable child and myself today. Please help me if anyone knows the way to open a bank account without any doc from SSI because I don't have any. Thank you very much.

Wendy (not verified)

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Hi Eric,

Thank you very much for advice, Eric. I did talk to the manager at my bank yesterday, but she said that she would need a Representative Payee Form from SSI in order to open an account for me and my child. Without it, she could not open any account for us.

Thanks Again,

Mary (not verified)
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I'm having this issue also. I have a credit union and so far, I've shown them 3 different forms that state I'm my child's representative payee, but they still tell me they won't open the account for me. I was told that I needed an actual letter from SSI, like a personalized one that says something like "I, (your name) am the rep payee for (child name)" etc and a paragraph explaining it. I really need that money for my son's tutoring, too.

Robin (not verified)
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I am applying for Representative payee for a person who already has an account that her Social Sec. and VA benefits go to. The bank says she has to open up a NEW account to do this. This person has had this account for years with both of the funding going into her checking. I have not read anything on line that Social Security makes you set up a new account because of a Rep. Payee is coming on board. Please advise we where I can find this information. Thank you.


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HI Robin,
While the SSA may encourage people to have dedicated accounts, you may not need to open a new one. It might be a good idea to contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.

Nina (not verified)
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My payee put all my back pay 31000.00 dollars in a account with just her name. I can't see where my money goes. Can she do this?

Tina (not verified)
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My husband Bill want to change his direct deposit from savings to checking. What does he need to do?

Gerald Ryan (not verified)
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I want to change ban where thee SSI check is sent?

Cianna (not verified)
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My dad Representative payee over my brother SSI check how do he become over my brother disability check also?


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Hi Cianna,

It really depends on the situation. The SSA must have thought your dad would be better to handle his benefits. At some point down the road that could change though.

Mb (not verified)
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I am rep payee for my brother with a mental disability. The bank will not allow me to deposit his check in my acct so I can write out his bill payments. Does he have to have a separate acct with both our names on it legally.


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I would contact the SSA about this. Depending on the situation, that might not be necessary. However having a separate can be helpful in tracking where the money is being used.

Lj (not verified)

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Yeah I just became Rep.payee the letter you get from social sec.adm. telling saying that you are Rep.Payee is good,then you will get second letter once benefits start saying amount of check you will receive every month need those letters & valid ID, Account has be opened wit payee & beneficiary name on account cant do it with just there name hope this helps be glad answer any questions thanks


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Hi LJ,

Thank you for sharing your experience. This is helpful for anyone else going through the same stage in the process.

Angel (not verified)
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Does the payee recieve a check for themself for being a payee


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Hi Angel,

A payee does not receive a check for being a payee. They receive the check for the beneficiary they are the payee for.

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