SSI and SSDI Concurrent Benefits

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My disabled son has been receiving SSI. I He's also now eligible for SSDI based on his mothers recent retirement and his benefit is calculated based on her SS earnings. My question is this: will his SSDI monthly benefit be in addition to his SSI monthly benefit or will one offset the other?

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Hi there,
If your child's SSDI benefit is more than $733 a month, then he would not be eligible for SSI benefits as the federal benefit limit for SSI is $733 for individuals.

earl tilton (not verified)
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I am a senior citizen receiving SSDI. Am I eligible for SSI (concurrent benefits)?


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Hi Earl,
You may if you qualify for benefits based on your income.

Teresa (not verified)
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Will my SSDI be affected in any way if my mother who receives SSI moves in with us? Do I loose part of my SSDI benefits, will she loose her SSI.

Michelle (not verified)
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My dad was receiving a SS check for a very low amount , then he had a stroke and has been in a nursing home for 2 years. He does not have use of his right arm and leg. Would he qualify for disability SS , so he could move out on his own?


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Hi Michelle,
He may be eligible for benefits based on his income and financial resources, called SSI. It may be a good idea to reach out to your local SSA office regarding this.

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I agreed in court to 1492.00 monthly for my self not including my son for my disability, I get 887.00 and 210.00 for my son, I am mentally ill and dont want you to excuse my concerns for symptoms, as may people do, I dont go out in public etc, cause I get triggered easy, next thing im manic, having hallucinations and hear voices and am aware im getting sick, but then i dnt know at that stage of being delusional, so please take me serious, I feel like the lawyer or someone messed with me, cause i ended up having symptoms during my first meeting which i think showed her clearly Im everywhere, paranoid, not concentrating, and fear feeling threatened by someone or being set off cause i get into kill or be killed mind set from my paranoia, mean while dealing w symptoms as a parent, who refuses to have a negative affect on my son, my bipolar makes me always triple checking my parenting, im never doing enough or worried enough, preaching value's morals and God, making sure food is fresh, homemade and what the contents are, ( thats me everyday) see im getting manic/like over explaining myself... but i know the laywer saw me in action in person, so i feel i got played, i got adhd in the worse way and explained to her, the only thing i can do sick or not is take of my child, cus i worry naturally and when im sick i worry not being on my game i miss a step so double track everything on top of not appearing to my son as anything more than the "worring type" I worked my hole life im on ssdi, my rent is 1200.00 im 120.00 short everymonth, and my sons father pays that and everyone's private health, but i make 11,000 yearly for total house income, and they wanted to charge me 120.00 for medical,. I eat the food from the food banks cus i refuse to feed my child box or canned food and make his lunch cause i dont trust it like i dont trust boxed fake food, they said im approved of ssi but if i took it, i get less, i got the paper work, somewhere... can i get ssa help for daily and monthly living?

nick (not verified)
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Ok, I'm approved for disability, my award letter says I'm entitled to $31,000 ,my local office says I'll get installment s for SSI back pay and a lump sum for disability back pay, wow is this possible???

Izzy (not verified)
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I was receiving SSI benefits, as i was approved for both. The SSDI havent started yet but i got a letter from the State saying that Social Security, to me off SSI. Why would they stop the SSI.

Carol (not verified)
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I am already receiving benefits but only medical. They go by my husband's wages and he says we're making to much for me to receive money. My husband totaled our car that he needs for work . He could not wait so he leased a car. I want him to look for a car and get rid of this lease. Is there any help out there to help us out of this hole and for me to get money for myself for clothes and shoes? If I contact SS office will our hardship qualify for some help?


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Hi Carol,
I apologize I'm a little confused--you're currently on health insurance but receive no monthly benefits? It's very, very rare for the SSA to grant hardship payments. It typically only happens if you're entitled to an SSI back payment in six months but need the payment immediately to pay for medical bills.

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I am receiving 100i% va service connected disability and ssi...
I am told I can also receive question is:

If I apply for ssdi what happens if I get it. I assume my ssi would be converted to ssdi: and if it is larger than my ssi...I would get the larger amount.


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Hi there,
if you are eligible for SSDI, you may become ineligible for SSI benefits as SSDI is based on work record and SSI is based on income.

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I get 915 a month on ssdi and they take out 300 in child support does anyone know if ssi would count my income as 915 or 615 that I really have to live


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Hi there,
SSI may count your SSDI benefits as income, most likely they would take into account any obligations that you have such as child support.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I was on SSD since 2004. I am now 66 and receive SSI. Why are these amounts the exact same? Nothing changed when they changed me automatically over to SSI. Do you know if they always remain the same ? I read above that one is do to work history ad one is based on income.


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Hi there,
If you receive retirement benefits, then the amount would be the same as what you received for SSDI. SSI and retirement benefits are not the same.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I won partial favorable back in September. Socail security office put denied. I called them in November they see their mistake for putting denied and said they have fixed their mistake.I've been calling ss ofiice so much. Felt as they were giving me the run around with all these different numbers I had to call. Went to ss office twice.They told me to apply for ssi because I didn't work enough before I became disabled.They said I would get 300 for disabilty.They say my disabilty will start 6-2016.I haven't received any payment from ssdi. But I did receive ssi amunt 750 a month.Just received award letter for ssdi a week ago.When will I get ssdi and back pay from ssdi.Will ss combined ssi and ssdi together.


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Hi there,
I'm so sorry to hear that! It seems odd that you haven't received your SSDI by now. I'd consider calling the SSA again or checking your My SSA account to see if you're enrolled on SSDI.

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I have two sons that became disabled before the age of 22. Both receive SSI as both did not work enough quarters to receive ssid. But now thier father has been awarded ssid due to an accident wondering will each of the boys continue to receive SSI. And also recieve an amount ssid? .also their Father was awarded back pay. Back to 2016. The two now are told they would not receive any type of back pay.

Thank you


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Hi There,

Because your son's are 22, they will be receiving SSI based on their own income limits, so your husband's benefits should not impact them. But because they are over age 18, they cannot receive auxiliary benefits based on your husband's SSDI.

RE (not verified)
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If my exspouse receives both ssi and ssdi is his minor child eligible for auxiliary benefity?

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