Payment Dates for Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security bases its payment dates on the birthday of the person on whose record the benefit payment is received. Therefore, if you are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits due to a condition, your own birthday is used to determine your payment date. In the case of a spouse receiving survivor’s benefits, however, the payment date will be based on the birth date of the deceased individual upon whose work record the benefit payments are based.

If the birth date of the person upon whom the benefits are based falls between the 1st and 10th days of the month, then benefits will be paid on the second Wednesday of the month. If that birthday falls between the 11th and the 20th, benefits will be paid on the third Wednesday of the month. And finally, if that birthday falls between the 21st and the 31st of the month, benefits will be paid on the fourth Wednesday of the month. If your payment date happens to land on a Federal holiday, the Social Security Administration will make your payment on nearest preceding day that is not a Federal holiday.

The date you receive your benefits does not affect the amount of your benefits, and the date that you will begin receiving your Social Security Disability payment is included in your award notice.

Social Security Disability benefits are paid monthly on an accrual basis. This means that the payment you receive for one month represents the total amount of benefits owed for the previous month. For example, the Social Security Disability check that you receive in February will represent the total benefit payment accrued and owed from the preceding January.

The Social Security Administration asks that you allow three days to pass after your payment date before you contact Social Security to report non-receipt of your payment. Because most Social Security Disability payments are made by direct deposit, however, it is rare that a payment is not made on time. Another payment option is the Direct Express® card program, with which payments are credited directly to a swipe-able card. An Electronic Transfer Account is a third method that makes automatic payments on your behalf using your Social Security Disability benefits.

Social Security provides a calendar showing payments dates which you can access online at