Disability Benefits Calculator

Answer the series of questions below to find out whether you are entitled to disability benefits and how much you are entitled to.

*Please keep in mind that this calculation does not take into account medical eligibility requirements for disability benefits. This is an estimated calculation based on the information you have provided. To find out if you are eligible for disability benefits, you should contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) or a disability attorney.

Do you currently or are you expected to earn at least $1,470 per month ($2,460 per month if you are visually impaired)?

Introduction to Benefits Calculators 

A disability benefits calculator provides a lot of help for those who are looking to apply for Social Security disability benefits. 

If you have a disability and can no longer work anymore or have been unable to work, a disability calculator can give you an approximation of what you could expect to earn in disability benefits. A disability benefits calculator takes into factor your income and your work history. 

Disability calculators are often beneficial because it is a tool to help you financially plan. By taking our benefits calculator, you will have an estimate of what you could earn with disability benefits and with that knowledge, it will make it easier for you to budget and plan financially for medicine, medical treatments and basic day to day needs.

How Are Social Security Benefits Calculated? 

This section contains answers to questions on SSDI and SSI eligibility, as well as the disability application and appeals process .

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Your SSDI benefits are based on the amount of income on which you have paid social security taxes. Your average earnings are called your Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME). Using your AIME, the SSA will calculate your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). As of 2024, the PIA is calculated by taking 90% of AIME under $1,174, 32% of AIME between $1,174 and $7,078, and 15% of AIME greater than $7,078. The final PIA amount is the maximum amount of SSDI benefits that you are entitled to.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSI is a needs based program and unlike SSDI does not depend on your past work history. The maximum amount of SSI benefits you can receive is $943 as a disabled individual and $1,145 if your spouse is also disabled. If you currently have a monthly income, half of anything you earn over $85 per month will be deducted from the maximum amount of benefits in order to determine your SSI amount.

Contact a Disability Lawyer

If you are thinking about applying for disability benefits, you may want to talk to a disability attorney. A disability lawyer will be able to help you apply for disability and will be able to file a claim on your behalf if you are denied. 

Those who work with a disability lawyer are 3x more likely to get approved for disability compared to those who apply without a lawyer. 

A disability lawyer will also be able to tell you how much you could receive monthly in disability benefits. Disability lawyers are only paid if you win your claim. Fill out our our disability calculator to see how much you could earn with disability and get connected with an attorney who can help.