North Las Vegas Social Security Disability Resources

In order to qualify for social security disability in North Las Vegas, you will need to prove that you have suffered an injury that prevents you from achieving gainful employment for at least one full year. Under the Social Security Act, eligible workers may qualify for monthly benefits if they are either permanently disable or have experienced a debilitating injury that keeps them from being employable for an extended length of time.

Submitting your application to the local Nevada district office is the first step in filing your North Las Vegas social security disability claim. Once your application has been received by the SSA, it will be forwarded to the Bureau of Disability Adjudication for review. The Bureau assesses the information contained in your medical file to determine the severity of your injury and offer a projection of when you will be able to work again. As long as there is sufficient medical evidence in your file to support your disability claim, the Bureau will likely recommend to the SSA that your claim is approved. If not, you will have the opportunity to submit additional supporting information during the appeals process if your claim is denied.

In the state of Nevada, nearly 70% of all initial social security disability claims are denied with only 15% of first appeals actually being awarded. It is to your advantage to ask that your case be heard by an administration law judge (ALJ) if both your initial claim and your first appeal are denied. Nearly half of all North Las Vegas social security disability cases heard by the ALJ are awarded.

North Las Vegas Health Resources

Your medical records are an extremely important part of the determination process. Incomplete records that do not sufficiently substantiate your North Las Vegas social security disability claim can cause your claim to be denied. As soon as you are injured, you should seek medical treatment. The more information you have documented in your medical file supporting your disability claim, the better your chances of being awarded social security disability benefits in North Las Vegas.

If you are unable to afford medical treatment and need access to free or reduced-cost health care, there are several options available to you in the North Las Vegas area.

North Las Vegas Family Health Center
Suite 240-C
2225 Civic Center Drive
North Las Vegas, NV, 89030
(702) 214-5948

Clinic on Wheels Inc
2039 E. Lake Mead Blvd.
North Las Vegas, NV - 89030
(702) 870-7201

Nevada Health Centers Inc.

1802 N. Carson St. Ste 100
Carson City, NV - 89701
(775) 887-1590

Martin Luther King Health Center
1700 Wheeler Peak Dr.
Las Vegas, NV - 89106
(702) 383-1961

Las Vegas Outreach Clinic
1581 N. Main St.
Las Vegas, NV - 89101
(702) 307-4635

North Las Vegas Area Mental Health Resources

If you need assistance with mental health issues which have affected your ability to work, there are mental health facilities in the North Las Vegas area that can service you.

New Beginnings
3450 W Cheyenne Ave # 400
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
(702) 631-0230

Mental Health Services – Salvation Army
35 West Owens Avenue
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
(702) 642-2145

North Las Vegas Supplemental Social Security Benefits

The Federal social security disability benefit for an independent individual is $943 and $1,415 for a couple. A supplemental state benefit may also be available for you if you are aged or blind and qualify for supplemental security income.

Getting Assistance with Your North Las Vegas Social Security Disability Case

Filing a social security disability claim in North Las Vegas can be a lengthy process. From the time you submit your initial claim to the time you receive a final determination can easily take months. Securing the services of a North Las Vegas social security disability attorney can help get you through the process more quickly and improve your chances of being awarded benefits.

Many attorneys will only charge a fee if they win your case. If your attorney wins, a standard fee of 25% of your award is collected from retroactive benefits. The maximum an attorney can collect is $6,000.

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