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Can Children Collect Social Security Disability Benefits?

Families with children who become disabled prior to age 18 with severe mental and physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, autism, or mental retardation, may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) and/or Social Security Income Benefits (SSI) on behalf of that child. To qualify for disability benefits, your child’s disability must be so severe that he or she suffers “marked and severe” functional limitations.

Applying for Disability: Know Your Options

The process you encounter when you decide to apply for Social Security disability benefits may seem confusing at first. When should you apply for disability benefits? Who do you see first? What do you do first? Do you need a Social Security disability lawyer to help you get disability benefits or can you make an appointment on your own? Can you work while you are waiting for your appointment?

Is Social Security a drain on American Tax Dollars?

In a political climate unlikely to throw it a 75th birthday party, the Social Security Administration has taken charge of its own festivities. Its website features a page dedicated to this anniversary year. Titled Social Security Celebrates 75 Years of Public Service, it features a history of the agency and stories from grateful recipients.

Benefits of Working with a Disability Representative to Win Your Claim

When considering whether or not to hire a professional to assist you when you file for Social Security disability benefits, you may wonder what sort of person has the necessary experience, what they can do for you, what they will charge to assist you, and whether or not their help is worth what they charge.

How Secure is the Future of Social Security?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has been the focus of quite a hue and cry from Congress, policymakers, and newsmakers from across the country over the past year. Those looking for reasons to cut funding to this bastion of the country’s national social services programs call Social Security (including OASDI, SSI, and SSDI) everything from an outdated notion of an entitlement state to a Ponzi scheme. Those looking for ways to preserve America’s 75-year old social services safety net call it the "bedrock of American retirement security".

Opinions Differ When it Comes to Cutting Back on Social Security Benefits

More and more voices are calling for an overhaul of the Social Security system, and many are targeting Social Security disability benefits for scrutiny. Citing the need to “cut waste” in SSDI, representatives like Republican Mike Rogers of Alabama stress that the staggering size of the nation’s deficit demands stricter measures in distributing the nation’s tax dollars.


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