Social Security Administration

What is the Social Security Administration?

The Social Security Administration, or SSA, is an agency of the United States that is responsible for awarding and sending monetary payments to US Citizens or legal aliens who have retired disabled, or who are survivors of deceased workers. The SSA was founded in 1935, with the first local SSA office opening one year later.

Whenever you apply for Social Security disability benefits, your application will be sent to the SSA for review. There are three forms of benefits you could apply for:

  • Retirement benefits at age 62 or older
  • Disability benefits
  • Survivors' benefits if a spouse or parent has passes away

Medicare and Medicaid

If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits, you will also be eligible for Medicare two years after the onset of your illness. The needy on Supplemental Security Income will be automatically enrolled onto Medicaid in most states, but a handful of states have their own criteria for SSI benefits, so you will need to fill out a separate application.

Starting Your Application Process with the SSA

Not only does the SSA handle all claims, but it recognizes Social Security advocates or attorneys as resources available to help claimants. The SSA sets limitations on how much an attorney or advocate can earn from a settlement, so there is no harm in speaking win an attorney or advocate about your claim today.

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