Electronic Records Express (ERE)

The Social Security Administration has taken a number of steps in recent years to streamline the Social Security Disability claim and appeal process as well as speed up other services that are offered by the Administration. The Electronics Record Express, also known as ERE, is a part of the process of updating the SSA with new and improved technologies.

The Electronic Records Express allows the Social Security Administration the ability to provide electronic options for applicants to submit health, school, work and other related records for an applicant’s Social Security Disability application. When a Social Security Disability applicant is asked to send in health or school records or other records pertaining to a Social Security Disability claim, the applicant can choose from a variety of ways in which to send the information. Currently the SSA is able to accept the information online via the SSA’s secure website or by fax to the state DDS or Social Security office.

When an applicant sends these records online or via fax, the records are automatically attached to the applicant’s eDIB folder (electronic disability folder). This allows applicants to send in the necessary forms at their convenience and expedite the decision that is being made on a Social Security Disability claim. Because there is no need to mail in paperwork and the SSA receives the information instantly, the waiting period for a claim to be approved is decreased by using the ERE system.

Anyone who needs to send information to the SSA can use the ERE system. It is not reserved only for the Social Security Disability applicant. Schools, medical professionals, employers and third-party representatives can use the ERE system in order to expedite the disability claim process as well.

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