Can Attorney Help If I Was Denied Disability Benefits?

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With the Social Security Administration (SSA) denying a majority of claims for disability benefits, you should prepare for the worst-case scenario by hiring a Social Security disability attorney. The first step in the appeal process is called reconsideration and if the SSA denies your appeal for reconsideration, you have three more opportunities to get your disability claim approved. Submitting an appeal in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) represents the second step of the appeal process.

Receiving a denial letter from the SSA can be deflating, but you should remain motivated to receive the compensation you deserve by hiring a disability attorney.

What Does an Attorney Do If I’m Denied Benefits?

The reconsideration phase of the appeal process follows the same procedure that you followed when filing your original claim. You submit the same evidence that includes copies of medical records and statements made by a healthcare expert that describes your prognosis of making a full or partial recovery. The key to getting a disability benefits claim approved is to meet the severity of symptoms standards established by the SSA in a medical guide called the Blue Book.

An attorney may help you gather and organize additional medical evidence that can strengthen your claim. The disability appeal for reconsideration that you file must include the submission of the proper documents before the end of 60 days from the date you received the denial letter from the SSA.

Your lawyer for Social Security disability may also ensure you meet every deadline. In addition, hiring a disability attorney to file an appeal may allow you to monitor the progress of your appeal as it moves through the SSA processing system.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Lawyer If I’m Denied Disability Benefits?

The SSA has several reasons why the federal government agency denies disability claims. One of the most common reasons is many claimants submit incomplete and/or inaccurate documents.

Hiring a disability attorney to handle your appeal for reconsideration may ensure you file completed and accurate documents that support your claim. A disability lawyer likely understands the type of medical evidence you must submit to persuade the team of medical examiners at the SSA to approve your disability benefits claim.

Working with a disability lawyer also may help you prepare for an ALJ hearing, if the SSA denies your appeal for reconsideration. An ALJ hearing represents the only step in the appeals process when you present your case in front of a judge in a live setting. Your lawyer can help you prepare to answer the expected questions asked by an ALJ, as well as argues your case by presenting the most compelling medical evidence.

Will an Attorney Cost More If They Help Me When I’m Denied Benefits?

One of the most frequent reasons why disability applicants fail to hire an attorney concerns the cost of legal representation. If you hire a disability attorney who charges by the hour, going through the appeals process will rapidly increase the costs associated with legal representation. However, by working with an attorney who charges on a contingency fee basis, you do not have to pay any upfront legal fees.

Get Help With Your Disability Appeal

If you have not hired a Social Security disability lawyer to provide legal support for the initial claim, you should receive legal support if you have to go through the appeals process. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation today!

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