What Cancers Automatically Qualify for Disability in 2024?

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If you have been diagnosed with cancer and you are no longer able to work, you might want to apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Stage IV cancers or terminal cancers may automatically qualify for disability benefits. Cancer patients can use their disability benefits to help pay for treatment, medications, and other daily living needs. 

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Is Cancer A Disability?

Yes, cancer is considered a disability by the Social Security Administration (SSA). If your cancer diagnosis is so severe that you will be out of work for at least 12 months, the SSA may consider your cancer a disability and you will be able to earn and receive Social Security disability benefits.

There are cancers that the SSA considers disabilities that automatically qualify for Social Security benefits. The SSA has a program called the Compassionate Allowances.

If your cancer is a compassionate allowance, you can automatically get disabilityCompassionate allowances let the SSA quickly identify diseases such as cancer that meet the SSA’s requirements for Social Security disability.

Diseases that are considered compassionate allowances, such as forms of cancer by the SSA qualify for accelerated approval. Meaning if you have a cancer that is on that list, you will get your disability benefits sooner than if it is not on that list.

There are various forms of cancers that automatically qualify for disability benefits via the compassionate allowance, generally those are more advanced forms of cancer and cancers that are considered terminal. These cancer patients will be able to get disability benefits quicker than those who do not qualify under a compassionate allowance.

When you send in your application for disability for cancer patients, the SSA will mark your application as a compassionate allowance if your cancer qualifies as a compassionate allowance and you will automatically qualify for disability.

Can I Get Disability For Cancer?

Yes, you can get disability for cancer patients if you meet both the medical and work requirements outlined by the SSA that qualifies for disability.

If you meet both those requirements, and your cancer is severe enough that it will force you to be out of work for at least 12 months, then you will be able to get disability with cancer.

Advanced forms of cancer, such as Stage IV or cancers considered terminal will let you automatically get disability benefits. When you send in your application with a stage IV or terminal cancer, the SSA will flag it as part of its compassionate allowances, which will allow your claim to be processed faster, in which you your condition will automatically qualify for Social Security disability.

You still have to provide convincing medical evidence that you have one of these types of cancer and that the cancer has progressed so much that it is inoperable, resistant to treatment or has recurred despite treatment.

If your cancer is a compassionate allowance, you can automatically get disabilityYou will need supporting documentation from your doctor, treating oncologist and from any other source that can confirm you qualify for an accelerated disability consideration.

You may qualify for a disability benefits with cancer from the Social Security Administration (SSA) if the cancer has made you unable to work and the type of cancer is listed in the SSA’s Blue Book.

If you are a cancer patient and unsure if you can get disability for cancer your first step should be to look at section 13.0 in the SSA’s Blue Book. This section describes the individual criteria for around 30 different cancers.

Each type of cancer, such as skin cancer, liver cancer or pancreatic cancer, has its own description for what are considered sufficient criteria for an SSDI application. Disability for cancer patients qualifications can vary depending on the type of cancer.

The SSA’s cancer listing is based on the origin of the cancer, so if you have cancer that has progressed to your liver and kidneys but started in your pancreas, then the criteria for pancreatic cancer are used to determine whether you can be given disability for a cancer patient.

What Cancers Automatically Qualify For Disability Benefits? 

If your cancer is stage IV or terminal, you may automatically qualify for disability benefits. The SSA has a list of conditions, known as the Compassionate Allowance list (CAL), that may automatically qualify for benefits. On this list are late-stage cancers or cancers that are terminal. If your cancer is on this list or meets the requirements, then you can qualify for an expidated claim. 

If your cancer is not terminal or stage IV, you can still qualify for disability benefits. Below is a list of cancers that may qualify. 

What Types Of Cancer Qualify for Disability

If you have been diagnosed with one of the following cancers, and that it’s an advanced form of that cancer such as Stage IV or terminal. you may automatically, medically qualify for disability for cancer. The types of cancer that qualifies for disability include:

  • Esophageal cancer
  • Gallbladder cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Inflammatory breast cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Salivary cancers
  • Sinonasal cancer
  • Any small cell cancer
  • Thyroid cancer

Disability For Cancer Patients Approvals

Being approved for disability benefits for some kinds of aggressive cancer is straightforward. For example, liver, thyroid, pancreatic, and esophageal cancers as well as mesothelioma are approved for benefits so long as you show definitive medical evidence of a diagnosis.

Other cancers might require evidence to show that your condition meets the requirement of the SSA listing for that kind of cancer or that your symptoms and the treatment for your cancer are so limiting to you, you are no longer able to work. Cancers that are inoperable or cannot be resected with surgery, that are recurring following treatment, or that have metastasized or spread to other areas are eligible for disability benefits.

What Evidence Do You Need To Automatically Qualify for Disability?

If you have any of these kinds of cancer, or any cancer at all as a matter of fact, you will need to prove that with hard medical evidence. This means physician notes that detail your diagnosis, your symptoms, your treatments, any side effects, and your restrictions and limitations. Disability Determination Services (DDS) must to be able to determine that you do have one of the cancers from the compassionate allowances list for fast approval or that your form of cancer is indeed disabling. With the proper documentation, your claim is much more likely to be processed faster. A disability attorney can make sure your documentation is all together and in order, so it can be review by DDS. Without the right documentation, your claim cannot be approved.


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What Benefits Are Cancer Patients Entitled To?

Before you can receive social security disability benefits (SSDI) you have to be able to provide sufficient evidence that proves your diagnosis. This usually is provided by the doctor who diagnosed your cancer. The evidence has to show that your cancer diagnosis is so severe that you won’t be working for at least 12 months. If you qualify for SSDI you could receive up to $3,627 per month depending on how much social security taxes you have paid.

There are several other organizations which may be able to provide some help if you have been diagnosed with cancer. These are:

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) 

This agency may be able to offer monthly payments so that cancer victims can pay for food, clothing, housing, utilities, transportation, phone bills, medical supplies which aren’t covered by Medicaid.

The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge 

This program may offer families a free place to stay when cancer treatment is being administered and the treatment place is a long way from the victim’s home.

The Healthcare Hospitality Network

This is one of 200 non-profit organizations in the U.S. that offers free or low-cost family-centered lodging to families getting medical treatment for cancer when they live a long way from home.

Assistance to Help to Pay for Food

There are some state programs that maybe able to help with food costs for those cancer victims who are on a low-income because they cannot to work due to a cancer diagnosis. These include the following:

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP

This lets people shop for food in grocery stores using a special Electronic Benefits Transfer card, which resembles a bank card.

Meals on Wheels

This is a program for people who are disabled, homebound, or elderly. Volunteers deliver cooked meals to the sufferer’s home. The costs will vary depending on the beneficiary’s age and where he or she lives.

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If your cancer is a compassionate allowance, you can automatically get disabilityIf you have a cancer diagnosis and your condition has made it impossible for you to work, you should consult with a disability advocate or attorney. You can have a loved one apply for disability benefits on your behalf if you cannot.

Considering applying for Social Security disability benefits but not sure how much you’ll earn per month? Our Social Security Benefits Calculator can help you determine how much you’ll receive from the SSA before you file for disability. When working with a disability lawyer, a disability lawyer will be able to tell you how much in disability you can get.

The disability claims process can be challenging, so don’t try to go it alone. Make sure your claim is fairly assessed. With the help of an attorney, your claim is much more likely to be approved.

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