What Are the Benefits of Applying for SSDI?

The main reason why disability applicants are applying for SSDI is for monthly cash benefits. In addition, you’ll be eligible for medical insurance benefits as well. SSI recipients get Medicaid right away, and Medicare is given to SSDI recipients two years after beginning their disability.

If the list below is applicable you should consider applying for disability insurance.

  • You have a serious mental or physical disability.
  • You foresee at least one full year, or more, of your medical condition.
  • Your illness is serious enough to prohibit you from doing a significant deal of work.

Most people think you have to be disabled for some time before you can qualify for SSA disability benefits. This is not real. As soon as you think you are disabled you can and will apply. There is a required waiting period, so after the sixth full month of disability, you'll receive payments.

Survivor Benefits

Survivor benefits are insurance payments to someone who receives or was eligible for Social Security benefits to the spouse, former spouse or children. Parents, grandchildren or stepchildren of a late worker may also apply for survivor compensation under certain situations.


With most SSDI recipients, the Medicare plan kicks in two years after the first month they apply with their monthly disability benefits. This does not, however, necessarily mean that any person eligible for SSDI must wait two years to receive their coverage for Medicare.

Fill Out A Free Evaluation

You may want to speak to your doctor about what he thinks your physical or mental problems are, whether you believe your physical or mental illness could last 12 months or longer and keep you from working a full-time job. When your doctor thinks you have serious disabilities that may prohibit you from functioning, you may qualify for SSDI benefits. Do not wait to do so because the time it takes to get a disability claim decision may be long and your medical condition can get worse. Fill out a free evaluation form today to see if you qualify.

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