Denied Disability with Medical Condition

If you are denied Social Security Disability benefits by the Social Security Administration, it is vital that you submit an appeal. In your appeal it is important to show that the effects of your disability have made it hard for you to function. To assess eligibility for Social Security disability compensation, the SSA points to a guide called the Blue Book. You will need to perform multiple diagnostic tests performed by your doctor to prove the seriousness of your condition.

Claims are often dismissed because an applicant has not given adequate medical evidence to prove the illness they face is serious enough to prevent them from functioning. You'll need to indicate that for at least twelve months you can't work. To help prove this the SSA has a guide called the Blue Book which is used to evaluate medical conditions you may experiencing.

When the SSA determines that you have a serious disability, they must plan a residual functional capacity assessment (RFC). RFC is a detailed analysis that addresses how a medical condition effects your ability to do any physical aspect of a task.

Contacting a Social Security disability attorney who can give a free case review should be the first thing to do after a denial. Your lawyer may also prepare you for an RFC assessment and help you organize the medical documents you need to win your appeal.

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