Will a Social Security Lawyer Take My Case?

One of the biggest question individuals who are considering hiring a lawyer to assist in a Social Security Disability case have involve whether an lawyer will accept the case and help the client.

Certain factors can almost always affect whether an attorney will accept a case, but hat are these factors that can affect this determination?

We have asked attorney, Alaina Sullivan, and here is what she had to say:

Where Is the Client in the Process?

Some lawyers will accept a case at the very start of the process, helping the client prepare and submit the application. Many will to accept it until the initial application or claim has been denied.

If the client prepared and submitted the application on his or her own and is still waiting to hear back from the Social Security Administration (SSA), the lawyer may want to hold off on taking the case until a response has been received. Let the lawyer know where the client is in the process.

If the lawyer recommends that the client waits until a denial is received, this is not necessarily a bad thing or does not indicate whether the case is not a strong one.

As soon as the denial is received, then the lawyer should contact the lawyer and proceed at that point.

Is the Case Likely to Win?

At the consultation, the lawyer will be able to take all of the facts of the case and make an educated opinion on how whether it will be successful.

If the lawyer believes the case has merits, he or she will be likely to accept the case. If, however, after reviewing the facts, the lawyer believes the case may not be successful, the lawyer may not want to accept the case.

Keep in mind that an lawyer is paid via a contingent fee basis when taking a Social Security Disability case, which means that the lawyer is only paid when the case is successful.

The lawyer for Social Security disability is not going to want to waste his or her time on a case that will not end up producing any income.

Will the Client Be Cooperative?

A lawyer will likely not take a case if he or she gets a feeling, after the initial consultation, that the client will not be cooperative throughout the relationship.

The lawyer is going to need the client to be willing to provide requested documents and information for the case to be successful.

Therefore, it is important that the client be as forthcoming as possible and cooperate every step of the way.

If the lawyer regularly handles Social Security Disability cases, odds are he or she has a good read for clients and knows what it takes for the case to work.

Be open and honest and willing to do what is asked by the lawyer, and the lawyer will work hard for the client.

Will a Social Security Lawyer Take My Case?

Always Be Honest

Along that same line, if the disability lawyer gets any sense that the client is not being honest about the facts involved, he or she will likely not take the client. It is extremely important that the client is open and honest and discloses all information, both good and bad.

The lawyer does not want to be blindsided at a later date, leading to the case being unsuccessful and the lawyer never receiving payment.

Does the Attorney Have Experience?

Many lawyers hold themselves out as a jack of all trades, and while this can be a good thing for some cases, it is not always a good thing when it comes to Social Security Disability claims.

Some lawyers are not comfortable in handling Social Security cases given the level of experience and detail that is needed for the case, and an lawyer may not accept the case if he or she feels that the lawyer can handle the case.

If an lawyer does not accept the case this does not mean that the client is not going to win. It could mean that the lawyer does not want to mishandle a case with which he or she does not feel comfortable.

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If you are in the middle of a complicated social security disability dispute and have questions about whether a lawyer will take your case, it is recommended that you contact a social security lawyer to discuss your options.

An attorney can listen to the facts of the case and can best advise you on how to proceed.

Contact an attorney experienced in social security disability to schedule a consultation today.

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