How Can a Lawyer Help File for Disability?

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Hiring a Social Security disability attorney is the most important step when preparing to apply for disability benefits. With their skills and qualification, they can help you through the whole process, from:

  • protecting your rights for a fair hearing,
  • appealing decisions,
  • gathering the medical evidence to win the case,
  • requesting copies of medical records,
  • getting a report from your doctor to prove your,
  • submitting the forms on time,
  • representing you in court and helping you get ready to appear,
  • putting forth medical evidence, such as a Medical Source Statement, in support of your disability claim before a judge,
  • cross examining medical and non medical individuals called by the judge,
  • improving your chances of getting benefits, and
  • reducing the time it takes to get your benefits.

The good news is that you can get a free evaluation from a disability lawyer. They can go over your case for free and discuss it with you, without costing you a penny.

One of the main concerns people have when contacting an attorney is that many people cannot afford a disability lawyer. However, most lawyers will only be paid if the Social Security Administration approves the claim. The lawyer will go over everything and explain the process for getting Social Security Disability. When you do find a lawyer they should be able to do the following:

  • go over your case and determine if it meets the requirements,
  • file the claim on your behalf,
  • collect medical records,

If you are starting the disability appeals process your lawyer for Social Security disability should:

  • file the reconsideration request,
  • get a copy of your file from the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review,
  • ask that you be considered for other benefits,
  • help you testify, and
  • help with every step in the appeals process.

Hiring an attorney for the appeals process is the best idea because they understand the intricacies in the law and the rules. An attorney can decide what evidence is required and what is not. An attorney will be able to quickly react to questions by hearing the examiner and using their expertise. If your attorney wins they will be paid a maximum of 25% of the past due benefits. Hiring an attorney can definitely benefit you because they have experience in the field and know what is needed in order to successfully apply for and ultimately get disability benefits.

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