Can Veterans Apply for Social Security Disability?

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The short answer to this question is “Yes.” If a veteran has paid into the Social Security system they can file for both VA (Veterans Administration) benefits and Social Security Disability Benefits. The compensation is a monthly payment and can be paid to veterans who have been diagnosed as disabled as a result of their experiences in military service. The types of injuries for which veterans can receive disability benefits can be physical or mental. There are a few things that a veteran should take note of before filing a disability claim:

  1. You should gather all of your medical records from the VA and any other doctors who treated you.
  2. You should discuss the disability claim with a Social Security attorney.

In a Social Security Disability case you don’t need mountains of money to hire an attorney. In fact, you can hire an attorney before you even apply for benefits, and the attorney gets paid only if your disability claim is successful. The fee that will be paid to your attorney is only a small percentage of past due benefits that you are owed by the Social Security Administration. If you lose the claim, however, there is no attorney fee. In a Social Security Disability case there are no different grades of disability. You are either seen as disabled or not disabled. Consequently, you either get all of your Social Security benefits or you get nothing.

Any veteran applying for Social Security Disability benefits should know that it is very hard for the Social Security Administration (SSA) and their Social Security attorney to get medical records from the Veteran Administration of Physicians. However, veterans can access these records with relative ease and should do this before filing a disability claim. The veteran should get these records and go over them with an attorney. They can then submit the records with their initial application. This may get them a quicker decision and return.

If you are a veteran and have been given a disability rating, getting these medical records from the Veterans Administration will make getting the Social Security benefits you deserve a much easier process. It is comforting to know that if you have suffered a disability as a result of defending your country, that you can apply for Social Security Disability benefits to help you in return for the help you gave your country.

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