Do I Need a Doctor’s Note to Apply For Disability Benefits?

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Although you do not need a note from a doctor, you will need to have been accessing medical help such as medical treatment from a doctor to prove you qualify for disability benefits. Most claims are denied due to a lack of medical evidence that proves your medical condition prevents you from working in any capacity for the next 12 months. This includes the results of medical tests which are conducted and analyzed by a medical professional.

Getting a Doctor’s Letter When Applying For Disability

A letter from your doctor who has documented the evidence that proves you qualify for disability benefits can be helpful for your claim but is not the only thing you need. You will need additional medical evidence that shows you qualify, such as all test results you have received which indicate the severity of your medical condition, treatment plans organized by your doctor, results of scans, x-rays, blood tests and other tests that diagnose your medical condition. These test results back up the assessment made by your doctor and offer you a better chance of qualifying for disability benefits.

Other Ways a Doctor Can Help

If you are having any difficulty proving that your medical condition is severe enough that you are unable to work, you can ask your doctor to fill out a residual functional capacity (RFC) form. Your doctor will need to assess your physical and mental abilities before completing the RFC form. The test measures the amount of physical work you are able to do. For example, how much you can carry and for how long, how long you are able to stand in one position and how long you need to be seated. The RFC also assesses your mental abilities such as if you are able to interact satisfactorily with other employees and take instructions from your employer.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Medical Evidence?

If you can’t provide sufficient medical evidence, the SSA will send you to have a consultative exam (CE) conducted by a private physician that works with the SSA. The CE provider will assess your ability to take part in the demands required of work activities, and any limitations you may have based on your medical history, observations during the examination, and the results of any relevant lab and imaging tests. From the CE the doctor will determine if you are able to work with your medical condition.

what is a consultative exam?

Get Help With Your Claim

It is never easy winning your claim for disability benefits as getting the right evidence is not always as straightforward as you may think. However, if you fill out a Free Case Evaluation and work with a participating, independent attorney who subscribes to the website, you may have a higher chance of qualifying for disability benefits than if you filed your claim on your own.

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