How to Fill Out a Request for a Reconsideration Form

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If your initial application for a Social Security disability benefit is denied following the medical evidence you have provided in support of your application, it is better to go ahead and fill out a request for reconsideration instead of reapplying for disability with a new application. If you applied for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits and were not approved for medical reasons, you can file an appeal online.

What is a Request for Consideration?

For your request for reconsideration for a social security disability benefit to be accepted it must be filed within the 60 days of receiving your denial letter. Before completing the form you need to identify exactly why your application was denied so that you can include better support in your request for consideration.

How to Fill out a Request for Reconsideration

You are required to submit three forms with your request which are:

  • the reconsideration disability report, which is the new information related to your case;
  • the request for reconsideration, which is the actual appeal form;
  • the authorization to disclose information to the Social Security Administration, which is a medical release form.

The form will ask you to fill out standard information, such as name, SSN, address, and phone number. The form will ask you to specify what application you are appealing. You will have to say “I do not agree with the Social Security Administration's (SSA) determination and request reconsideration and then give your reasons. Because there isn’t much room on the request for reconsideration form for you to explain your case, use the space that says “see attached” and attach your most up-to-date medical records that support your disability claim.

You must make sure you don’t leave out vital information about your disability and ensure all gaps between treatment etc are filled with the right information otherwise this may be used as a reason to deny your claim again. Your denial letter will provide the reasons for the denial so you should make sure you address the reasons and provide the information you omitted in your initial application.

You should also focus on refuting wrong conclusions and/or supplying missing medical records in your appeal for request for reconsideration. You are permitted to review your file to see what records you had provided in your initial application and also to view how the claims analyst reached his or her conclusion.

As soon as you have submitted your request for reconsideration and the supporting documents this will be reviewed by a claims analyst, who could request from you more additional information and may also schedule you for a consultative examination.

Get Assistance with Your Disability Claim

If you are having difficulties appealing your denied application and completing your request for reconsideration, you may find if you ask for assistance from a disability lawyer you will get a better outcome from your request for reconsideration than if you do it on your own.

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