Indiana Attorney Pleas to the SSA Through Local Newspaper

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There is no doubt that the backlog of Social Security Disability appeals that are currently in the Social Security system is a significant problem for the Social Security Administration. While the Social Security Administration did, at one time, have plans in place to decrease the backlog of disability claims, budget cuts put a stop to those efforts before they even began.

One of the undertakings that the budget cuts affected was the plan to create additional hearing offices across the nation. These hearing offices could have increased the number of cases that are heard each year and, in some cases, would have made it easier for Social Security Disability applicants to attend their disability hearings.

Most of the areas in which new hearing centers were not opened met the news with some disappointment, but one Indiana attorney is not taking it lightly at all.

Thomas Scully, an IndianaSocial Security Disability lawyer, insists that there is definitely a need for a new Social Security hearing office in his area. Not only is his area suffering from a significant backlog of claims, but it can also be hard for his clients to travel to the current Social Security hearing offices.

Mr. Scully plead his case to a local newspaper, hoping that it would bring some light to the current situation. His goal is to have a new hearing office opened to accommodate the needs of his clients. Whether or not his plea will be met with any recognition from the Social Security Administration remains to be seen.

Let’s hope that Mr. Scully's clients will be able to look forward to a new hearing office sometime in the near future. While the hearing office will indeed cost the SSA money to develop, the significant impact that it can make on the backlog of appeals and the accommodation of area Social Security Disability applicants are facts that cannot be overlooked.

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