What Is the Maximum Amount Person Can Receive on SSD?

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Earning the maximum SSDI benefit you are eligible for varies depending on a number of criteria, including your earning history and the age at which you start collecting benefits. The maximum monthly benefit in 2022 is $3,345.

What is the Maximum Amount of Social Security Benefits a Person Can Receive?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) states that the maximum monthly Social Security Disability benefit is $3,345 in 2022. This amount is also the maximum people who have reached full retirement age can receive for their Social Security retirement payment which is paid every month.

The monthly Social Security disability benefit you receive will depend on the value of taxes you have paid into the Social Security system during your working life before becoming disabled. You may not be eligible to get the full $3,345 monthly amount, but you may still qualify for an amount that is near to the average monthly disability benefit.

How Much Do You Have to Earn to Get the Maximum Benefit?

  • You require 40 credits from working, which is 10 years of employment to ensure your eligibility for Social Security benefits.
  • The maximum benefit for someone who has reached their full retirement age (FRA) is $3,345.
  • In order to qualify for the absolute maximum benefit of $4,194 per month in 2022, a person has to wait until reaching the age of 70 and has worked in a high-earning job for 35 years.

How SSDI Benefits are Calculated

The formula which the SSA uses takes into account the number of years you have worked and the income you received during that time.  The SSA also takes into account the median income for your last job in which you worked when calculating an average which your disability benefits payment will be based on.

This is called the Average Indexed Monthly Earnings, or AIME. Once the SSA has determined the number of years you have worked and the average of the monthly earnings you received, they will assess the years up to 35 years that as a claimant you had the highest earnings. They will then divide the total amount by the total months in those years.

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