What Happens To Social Security If The Government Shuts Down?

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What does that mean for Social Security recipients and applicants if the government shuts down? If you are currently receiving Social Security disability benefits, SSI, or retirement benefits you probably are worried about receiving your benefits on time.

What Will Happen To My Social Security Payments If The Government Is Shut Down?

If you are currently receiving any type of benefit from the Social Security Administration like disability benefits, retirement benefits, or SSI you don’t have to worry. Even if the government does shut down, you will still receive your benefits like you normally do.

Social Security benefit programs are funded by a permanent appropriation fund that isn’t dependent on Congressional approval. So, no matter what happens in Congress Social Security benefit payment won’t be affected. The funds for Social Security benefits are not included in the government spending bill that is currently being debated by Congress.

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Can I Contact the SSA During A Government Shutdown?

Although you should receive your Social Security benefit payment like you normally do the ability to get in touch with staff at the Social Security Administration (SSA) may be impacted by the shutdown. If you need to get ahold of someone at the SSA because of a problem with your benefit or because you are applying for benefits you may need to wait. Government employees could be furloughed if the government is shut down.

You may be able to access some services online through the SSA’s website even if the employees are put on furlough. You can also use the help section on the SSA’s website or talk with a Social Security lawyer if you have questions about how to apply for Social Security benefits.

What Happens To My Disability Application During a Government Shutdown?

If you have submitted an application for Social Security disability benefits and the government does shut down, it could impact how fast your application is processed. If Social Security Administration offices are closed applications may still be processed, but it could take longer because of fewer employees working.

There may still be hearings for Social Security disability applications but that will depend on how many SSA employees are furloughed and for how long. New hearings or adjudications may not be scheduled until after the showdown is resolved.

Get Help From A Disability Lawyer

If the government shuts down and the processing of Social Security disability applications is slowed, the best way to get help with your disability benefits application is to talk to a disability lawyer. A disability attorney can answer your questions and help you through the process of filling out an application that you can submit when the shutdown is over.

A Social Security disability attorney can help you make sure that your application is ready to be processed as soon as offices are staffed again. Complete the Free Case Evaluation now to get connected independent, participating attorney who subscribes to the website.

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