The SSA is Partnering with Hospitals and Private Networks to Get Electronic Medical Records

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It a continuing effort to streamline the disability claim determination process and eliminate its load of backlogged cases, the SSA has been working closely with health care providers to provide a new way for them to submit the necessary medical records, known as Electronic Records Express.

Formerly, all medical documentation for people applying for Social Security Disability (SSDI) had to be mailed or faxed into the SSA or the state’s Disability Determination Services office. Now, health care providers can submit records directly to the SSA via their website.

There are plenty of reasons the new Electronic Records Express is a huge advantage over other means of submitting crucial medical documents between hospitals, health care providers, other professionals, and the SSA. The following are a few:

  • Online submission is a much faster and more secure mode of transferring information.

Mail, as we all know, may take several days to reach its destination, and usually requires follow up to ensure that it was delivered and received. Faxes usually send within the span of an hour, but are not as secure since they are open to all eyes and may be misplaced, discarded, or undelivered. When hospitals or private health care providers submit private documents online to a secure website, they can be sure the information is getting into the right hands.

  • Online submission of medical records saves both time and money.

Mailing medical records usually requires certification or insurance, which can become costly. Transmitting records for SSDI determination directly costs nothing to the health care provider. Making copies of records and taking the time to mail them costs everyone time and money, and isn’t very efficient. Online submission of medical records via the new Electronic Records Express is virtually immediate, and can be done at any time of day or night, at a health care provider’s convenience. Large file transfers can be processed using a Secure Bulk File Transfer, saving high-volume facilities even more time.

  • By saving time, money, and guaranteeing security, submitting medical records using Electronic Records Express enable cases can be processed faster and more efficiently than ever.

With no time spent waiting for records transfers, employees at the SSA or DDS offices can make quicker determinations for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income cases, meaning that claimants will be waiting less time to receive their much-needed funds and assistance. Faster records transfers also translates into faster denials on cases which do not qualify for benefits, allowing new cases to be reviewed sooner and eliminating back-logged cases.

As it has struggled in recent years to process the increasing volume of SSDI applications, the Social Security Administration has found ways to increase its own efficiency and provide better services to the healthcare and other professionals it works with. The advancement of technology has been of one of the greatest means of doing this. Faster claim processing results in greater client satisfaction and faster relief for those who are in desperate need of help from Social Security's programs.

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