The Disability Application Process - Legal Representation

How Is a Disability Advocate Different from A Disability Attorney?

If you or a loved one is applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you have probably heard the term disability attorney. A disability attorney is a lawyer who specializes in helping those who are unable to work get access to the disability benefits that they need.

However, a disability advocate can also assist with the application process. While both a disability attorney and a disability advocate provide similar services, they are differences.

Can I have an attorney at all stages of the disability process?

Many Social Security Disability applicants wonder at exactly which point of the Social Security Disability application and appeal process they should consider the services of a qualified Social Security Disability attorney. Some applicants wonder if they are even allowed to have an attorney during all stages of the Social Security Disability claim and appeal process.

How does the pay scale for a Disability lawyer work?

There are specific rules in place to hire an attorney or advocate speaking on your behalf with regard to your Social Security Disability claim. These rules are there to protect claimants from unsavory business practices and to make sure that attorneys get paid if the disability claim is successful. They are universal and apply to anyone representing a Social Security disability claimant.

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