Over 50? Get Disability Benefits Help!

Over Age 50? Now Is the Time to Apply!

Millions of people with disabilities apply for Social Security benefits every year. With so many people applying for disability benefits, nearly 70% of Social Security disability applicants are denied at the initial stage. Did you know that your claim may have a higher chance of approval if you're 50 years old or over? There could be a big advantage to applying after age 50 due to the fact that the SSA’s grid of medical-vocational rules tends to be more advantageous for individuals age 50 and older. This is mainly because the SSA recognizes that it can be challenging to be retrained for a new line of work after age 50, especially if you have limited education.

Even though applicants age 50+ may have better chances of getting approved, you might still need help to avoid a denial and lengthy appeals process. If you're age 50 or older and would like to apply for SSDI benefits, you should speak with a disability advocate or attorney today. A Social Security attorney can determine if you're eligible for SSDI, help you submit your paperwork to the Social Security Administration, and represent you at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, if necessary.

Approval Through the Blue Book

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses its own catalogue of conditions known as the Blue Book to evaluate every disability application and determine whether or not an applicant qualifies for SSDI. The Blue Book primarily contains disabilities that affect Social Security applicants over 50, such as cancer, spinal disorders, arthritis, and more. If you apply at age 50+, you could be more likely to have illnesses or conditions that the SSA deems as "disabling."

The Blue Book was written for medical and legal professionals, so you may not know which illnesses qualify, or what to include on your application for disability benefits. A Social Security advocate or attorney can review your medical history with you and your doctors to help you qualify for disability benefits if you're over age 50. To get a free consultation with a Social Security advocate or an attorney about your potential SSDI claim, please fill out our free disability evaluation.

Grid Rules and Approval Over 50

People who are over age 50 applying for Social Security benefits are also eligible for a special form of approval: Grid rules. This is a process where disability evaluators look at your age, education level, severity of disability, and work history in a yes/no manner to quickly establish eligibility for SSDI benefits. For example, if you have no high school degree, no transferable skills that could be used at a new job, a severe disability that keeps you from performing even light work, and you're age 50 or older, you could be approved under the SSA's grid rules.

Get Assistance Today!

If you are over age 50, you may have a better chance of qualifying for Social Security disability benefits than others, but you may still need assistance to get approved. Speaking with a Social Security attorney or advocate may significantly increase your odds of approval, even if you're applying at age 50+. Please fill out our free evaluation above to be connected with an advocate or attorney who handles SSDI cases in your area!

Last updated: 4/3/2017

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