Denied Disability With Sickle Cell Anemia

If you have been denied a social security benefit with sickle cell anemia you aren’t the only one. Many denied disability claims can be resolved by lodging an appeal. 

If the Social Security Administration (SSA) has said there is no entry in the Blue Book for sickle cell anemia or you haven’t provided enough evidence to prove you are unable to work for at least 12 months due to sickle cell anemia, it may help your appeal if you ask your physician to undertake an Residual Functional Capacity test (RFC).

Who Can Appeal Denied Disability with a Traumatic Brain Injury

If you have been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and you have been denied disability benefits you should be able to file an appeal.  To help your case you should provide the evidence requested by the SSA that proves you can’t work for at least 12 months.

How an Appeal Can be Successful

One of the key steps you need to take when filing an appeal for your denied disability benefits claim with sickle cell anemia is ensuring you have enough evidence to prove you cannot work for at least 12 months.

One of the key pieces of evidence is the test results proving you are suffering from sickle cell anemia. One of the tests is looking at the blood using a method called high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

This test determines what type of hemoglobin is present. To confirm this, a genetic test may also be carried out. The second requirement is providing the results of an RFC which shows your mental and physical ability in relation to your ability to work.

How to Use the RFC in an Appeal for a Denied Disability with Sickle Cell Anemia

To make it easier to win your appeal for your sickle cell anemia disability claim get your doctor to perform a Residual Functioning Capacity Test (RFC).

This test will show the state of your physical and mental capabilities. If you have sickle cell anemia you may suffer from the swelling up of the hands and feet which will restrict your movement, problems with vision and bouts of severe pain. The RFC will determine if these symptoms prevent you from working.

File Your Appeal for Denied Disability With Sickle Cell Anemia Promptly

You are required to request a reconsideration appeal for your denied disability with sickle cell anemia within 60 days of receiving the denial letter.

The reconsideration officer may also ask for further medical records which are no more than 90 days old. These deadlines typically mean the faster you submit your appeal for your denied disability benefits the higher the chance of winning the appeal.

Get a Free Case Evaluation Today

You should get legal representation for your denied social security with sickle cell anemia appeal as you will have a much greater chance of winning the appeal. A disability attorney can check your RFC and all your medical documentation to help ensure you win the appeal.

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