continuing disability report

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/15/2011 - 16:53

I won my disability after a tough fight. I have severe migraines along with a long list of other ailments. I get sick with them, need to be in the dark and pretty much do nothing on those days. I started having seizures several years ago. The first time I filled out form 3373 I was severely disabled and really wasn't do much of anything on any level. Since I won my case, I still don't do a whole lot because the headaches keep me down quite bit. Okay, now to my question. The first time I filled out my form I might have cooked dinner 1 night a week if that. Now, I might cook 3 x's a week. My lawyer previously told me that if I changed any of my answers at any point they would see that as improvement and deny me. He said it was a game. Well, this is not a game to me. It's my life and it already sucks so adding liar on top of it doesn't make me feel good. What has been anyone's experience with having some improvement, but not major with disability? Can you really be honest or is it really a game of them just trying to catch you up on your statements? I do have serious medical conditions and it makes me a nervous wreck worrying about trying not to say too much or saying too little. Help, please ....thank you

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