Do You Qualify For Disability Benefits? (Updated for 2024)

When filing for Social Security disability benefits, whether it's an initial application or an appeal, you run the risk of being denied benefits for a variety of reasons. Even if you believe you qualify and meet the medical and technical requirements listed in the SSA's Blue Book, things like insufficient evidence, missing forms, or filing past deadlines can cause denials. With the help of a disability attorney or advocate, you increase your chances of being approved.

How a Disability Attorney Can Help You Qualify

A disability lawyer will be well-versed in what can make or break a disability application. For example, some disabling conditions require more evidence than others. An attorney or advocate will know what you need to get your claim approved. They can work with you and your doctor to gather the proper medical evidence and records. As your condition changes, your attorney can help you keep the SSA updated on your changes.

During your application process, if you are required to see an administrative law judge (ALJ) having legal representation can make the hearing easier for you. Your lawyer will know what kind of questions may be asked, allowing you to prep. During the hearing, your attorney will know how the legal process and fight for you.

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Social Security disability lawyers do not require any payments upfront. Because they work on contingency fees, they are not paid until you are approved for benefits. Because of this, your attorney will be doing his or her best to get you approved for benefits.

Considering applying for Social Security disability benefits but not sure how much you’ll earn per month? Our SSDI Calculator can help you determine how much you’ll receive from the SSA before you file for disability. To find a Social Security disability attorney in your area, complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page!