Disability Checklist

When applying for disability benefits you need to provide a large amount of information to support your application. Most of the information required you will find on the check list below.

You will be asked to create a social security account or if you already have one you need to login to it. Because you will be asked several identity questions when creating an account, you should have at your fingertips a mobile phone number for receiving and sending text messages, credit card number, W2 and tax forms.

Personal Information

The personal information you may need to provide includes:

  • Your full name;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • Name of the country where you were born (if not USA);
  • Number on your permanent resident card (if not a U.S citizen);
  • Name of spouse, name of any previous spouse (if the marriage was for more than 10 years or ended in death);
  • Date of birth of spouse and SSN (optional);
  • Start and finish dates of marriage(s);
  • Place of marriage(s) (city, state or country, if not in the U.S.);
  • Names, dates of birth of children who became disabled before 22 years old
  • Children who are under 18 years and are unmarried;
  • Children who are aged 18 to 19 years and still at secondary school full time.

Medical Information

You will need to provide the following medical information for your disability benefit application:

  • The date when your medical condition started to affect your life;
  • Provide the name your doctor, healthcare professional, hospitals and clinic and their phone numbers and addresses.
  • Provide your patient ID number, and dates of any examinations and treatments
  • Names and dates of medical tests and the name of who referred you
  • Names of prescriptions and non-prescriptions medications, who prescribed and the reason
  • Any vocational rehabilitation services, workers compensation or public welfare you have received.

Work History

You will be asked to provide your education and work history, which may include:

  • The highest grade in school achieved including the date;
  • Any special education including the school’s name, city and state;
  • Name of any specific job training, which should also include name of trade or vocational school and date completed
  • Employer’s name, employment start and finish dates, total earnings (wages, tips, etc.)
  • Details of self-employment for current year and previous 2 years.
  • U.S. military service, including duties, branch and dates.

Another Contact

To help you through the disability claims process you should consider asking a disability lawyer to assist you with the claim. This gives you a higher chance of winning your disability entitlements.

Fill out the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get in touch with a lawyer that takes cases in your area today!

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