How to fill out form SSA-3368

Form SSA-3368 is the basic form used for adults who are claiming disability benefits. You can fill the form out yourself or have a representative such as a Social Security Disability lawyer help you with it, but you should not have your doctor fill out any of it. The SSA has other forms which they will ask your doctor to fill out on your behalf. You should include copies of all of your pertinent medical records when you turn this form in.

Much of Form SSA-3368 is simple and straightforward. You should always answer all questions as completely as you can. Don’t leave anything blank. If any section does not apply to you, write N/A in it.

While the form isn’t complicated, there are some things you should know about filling it out, especially if you do it yourself. Here are some tips for filling out this form:

  • In Section 3 MEDICAL CONDITIONS, make sure that you list each and every medical or mental problem that you have. Use additional paper if you need to. Explain how they limit your ability to work. Often, a person with several medical conditions will be approved for disability benefits even if none of the medical conditions would have qualified in and of itself.
  • In Section 4 WORK ACTIVITY, make sure that you accurately portray how your disability affected you on the job and what restrictions it placed on you. You don’t want to exaggerate, but you certainly don’t want to downplay the limitations your disability has caused, either.
  • In Section 6 JOB HISTORY, it is important to list ALL jobs you have held over the past fifteen years, starting with the most recent and working your way back. Failure to disclose jobs you have held can result in legal trouble and a denial of your claim. Use a separate sheet of paper if you have had more than six jobs in the past fifteen years. In Section 6, you will be asked about the type of work you performed. While you should always be honest in filling this out, it helps to consult a Social Security lawyer regarding how you should phrase your answers.
  • In Section 7 MEDICINES, make sure you list all medications, both prescription and over the counter, that you take. Don’t leave anything out, even if it’s just a pain reliever.
  • In Section 8 MEDICAL TREATMENT, you will want to list all medical and mental health professionals you are seeing or have seen. Fill the information out as accurately as you can. If you’re unsure of anything, contact your health care provider and ask.
  • Section 11 is reserved for remarks. Don’t leave this blank. Make your case and add any additional information that may be pertinent to your disability claim. If you’re not sure what is pertinent, speak to a disability attorney about it.
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