How to fill out form SSA-561

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and been denied, you can request a reconsideration. To do so, you must fill out Form SSA-561 and turn it in. A SSA-561 form is titled Request for Consideration and you will not be able to appeal your decision without filing one out.

If you didn’t have a Social Security disability lawyer working with you on your initial claim, now would be a good time to contact one. A Social Security lawyer can often look over your claim and figure out what needs to be stated differently, or what additional evidence is needed before the SSA can approve your claim.

Form SSA-561 itself is fairly easy to fill out. There is a good deal of information included regarding what the SSA uses the form for. This includes information about your privacy which you should read over.

Much of the form is self-explanatory. Fill everything out completely and accurately. Here’s a brief explanation of sections that might not be completely self-explanatory:

  • NAME OF CLAIMANT… Fill this out with the name of the disabled person, whether yourself or someone on whose behalf you are filing.
  • NAME OF WAGE EARNER…This section can be left blank if you are claiming SSDI benefits for yourself based on your own work history. If you are claiming based on someone else’s work history, fill in their name.
  • CLAIM FOR…Make sure you check all types of Social Security disability benefits you are claiming.
  • I DO NOT AGREE….List the reasons you disagree with the SSA’s decision to deny your disability claim. Be thorough. Make sure that you mention all disabilities in terms of how they hinder your daily activities and ability to perform work or keep employment. It’s a good idea to have a Social Security lawyer help you with this section.
  • If you are applying for SSI or SVB, read the instructions regarding the three ways you can appeal and choose one. In general, conferences tend to be more productive than case reviews. Ask your Social Security lawyer which would be best in your individual case.
  • Make sure you fill out all of your personal information and sign the form. Incomplete information can lead to lengthy delays, even if you are eventually approved for Social Security disability benefits.

Most of the rest of the form is filled out by Social Security Administration personnel. Always ask for a copy of all forms pertinent to your Social Security disability claim. You will want to keep a record of every stage of your Social Security disability proceedings.

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