How can I get Social Security disability benefits if I cannot afford to go to a doctor for regular checkups?

The Social Security Administration does not provide a means for claimants to receive medical treatment, and this is a painful catch-22 for those who need to demonstrate they are getting regular checkups. Because people need medical care and treatment as part of the disability application process, this is a difficult situation for many claimants to end up having to contend with.

The only time Social Security will provide medical resources is when an evaluation is required to process your disability claim. However, this does not mean that options are not available, and there are a few ways to obtain medical care and treatment.

First, each state has medical programs for its residents. Contacting your local state Medicaid or health agency will connect you with available resources that can offer help in your particular situation. Because each state has its own requirements and qualifications, it is important to learn the particular steps that your state has in place.

Second, there are many clinics that offer services for low income individuals and their families. Again, there is no uniform blanket coverage for everyone across the country, and clinic availability as well as treatment options vary from community to community.

Third, there are individual doctors, physician groups and other health services that offer package and customized options just for patients who are applying for Social Security Disability. While these are paid out of pocket, many offer discounts and even free services based on the type of program they offer.

Finally, most counties have community health centers, hospitals and clinics that are funded by the state, and they offer medical services free of charge to patients without insurance or income to support their treatment on their own. Simply going to the hospital or clinic will reveal what options are available, and the range of services will also vary from community to community.

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