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Hi Tom,
You may be able to do so, but it's a good idea to contact the SSA regarding this as they can give you detailed information. You can reach them at 1-800-772-1213.

Jody (not verified)
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Hello, my middle-aged son is on ssi/ssdi with a diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder. He receives a monthly benefit of $1052. To make extra money could he work as an independent contractor and report net income? His work would have lots of expenses.
Thank you for your answer.

lisa (not verified)
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my ex and i were common law for 4 years and then officially married for 6. can i still draw from his ss? if so, when? i am receiving ssdi now and am 56. he is still working and is the same age.


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Hi Lisa,
you may be eligible if your common law marriage was recognized by the state that you were married in.

Les (not verified)
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Hi I receive $1138.00 a month on disability.will receiving $200.00 a month rental income affect my disability check

TK (not verified)
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I'm receiving SSD and we currently could use extra funds for bills. Last year I went to work for 2 days a week and only lasted a short time . For some reason SSA decided to do a full blown evaluation on me . I made nomore then $250 month . I would really like to help here at the house and work but I'm afraid they will do another eval and that really scared me . My disability is for bi polar and digestive . You think it's safe for me to have a part time job ? How much could I make ?

Robert (not verified)
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I currently take in $2160 ssdi assignment before they take out my Humana Medical advantage payment. If I would work part time of less than $1000 a month would this affect my monthly ssdi payment. Also if my wife & I should divorce (married 30 years) would she be able to obtain alimony since she is not disabled.


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Hi Robert,
You may be able to earn up to $840 a month without affecting your payment. As far as divorce, that would depend on your state's divorce laws.

Dave (not verified)
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My mother gets 1381 a month. She thinks it is ssdi but is not sure. She says it's based off her work credits. I read somewhere if it's over a thousand it is most likely ssdi. Is that True? Well anyways. She wants to go work part time for 10 hours a week. Will it affect her check if it is ssdi? What if it is ssi?


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Hi Dave,
It's likely that she is on SSDI, but you may want to contact the SSA to be sure. If she does receive SSDI benefits, 10 hours a week would likely not affect her check, unless she is earning over $840 a month.

Elizabeth (not verified)
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I currently receive social security Benefits 649.00 if I got me a job paid me 200.00 a month can I still get my benefits


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Hi Elizabeth,
You may still be eligible for benefits, but if you're receiving them based on income, the SSA may reduce your benefits one dollar for every two that you earn.

Lisa (not verified)
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I want to try to go back to work to see if I can do it. I am currently on ssd and receive $952.00 a month. I have been receiving this for two years now and it isn't enough to really live on. I can only afford the bare necessities of survival and I don't want to continue this way for the rest of my life, I am almost 54 years old. I take a lot of very expensive medications and see 4 doctors on a regular basis (two of them monthly) with costly quarterly treatments. I also receive food stamps and a Medicaid supplements insurance to help with the costs that medicare doesn't cover. I was told my my caseworker (dhs) that if I had an additional $200 monthly income I would lose the medicaid and food stamps. Medicaid covers $380 of prescription cost a month not including the doctor/hospital/treatments that medicare doesn't cover. So in order to even be a head financially I would have to make over the costs of these additional expenses which I have estimated at $886 a month (on a normal month, not counting ER visits or surgeries). It also wouldn't count the taxes I would be paying on the money that I earned.
so..with all that taken into consideration, how much money can I earn while on ssd and still keep my SSD and medicare? would that be gross income or net income?
With all the info I have shared, is it feasible to try to work? I have not even taken into consideration my medical limitations. All I really know is, I NEED MORE MONEY, I can not continue this limited life style I have. Financially I am not able to go anywhere or do anything, I can't afford new cloths or when things break down in my house I can't afford to fix them, everything is going downhill fast. Everything in my home is slowly turning into junk, I need new floors, new paint on the walls, walls and ceilings need fixing. Dishwasher broke over a year ago and I can't afford to do anything about it, car is broke down in the driveway and I can't afford to get it fixed. I had a leaky faucet that leaked for over a year with a bucket under the sink, when the garbage disposal broke down my ex-husband came and fixed both things, but now I have to make monthly payments to him for the repairs as I couldn't pay the cost outright. My hot water heater has had the front panel off for almost two years to keep it running, the repairman said it would work temporarily but to not let it go like that to long, I need a new one and that is around a grand installed. I need work done on two teeth and even with the "poor person discount" it is still almost $900 per tooth, they told me that two years ago also..and I still haven't had the money to do anything about it. HELP what do I do, how can I make money and get ahead without losing more than I'm gaining. This is a horribly depressing life! My memory is poor, I can't stand for long periods of time, I can't sit for long periods of time without being in severe pain when I get up and try to walk (after sitting), stairs are painful and sometimes very difficult for me. I'm turning 54 on Monday, this isn't how I expected my life to be like at this age. I am not married so I don't have any money help there, I do have a 20 year old son that lives at home and decided he would stay at home instead of moving in with his friends like planned so he could help out for a month or two, but a trip to ER three days ago reviled he has a brain aneurysm. So we are dealing with neurosurgeons (two days ago) and neurologist now and we don't know what we are in store for now. I need money, I have to work, I don't know if it will be better to work or not, but I need money, what do I do????


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HI Lisa,
You may want to contact the SSA regarding this, they can give you guidance about going back to work. You can contact them at 1-800-772-1213.

joao medeiros (not verified)
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hi, I applied for ssdi back in 2014, and still waiting to be approved, im 55 now , and since im healthier, I would like to know if i get a full time job will that eliminate any chance for a back pay . I have gone trough extensive rehab(physical therapy and meds and exercise.that is the reason im stronger and able to perform on a full time light job.


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Hi Joao,
It's great that your condition is improving! If you were eligible for benefits, you may still be eligible for back pay, but not monthly benefits.

j.l. schmidt (not verified)
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I started working part time while collecting ssdi to make ends meet and feel somewhat normal. I have worked most months the last 2 years because of coworkers sicknesses...1 ppl has had 2 heart attacks another has been in hosp multple times and a 3rd one quit and it took the manager months to hire someone new. Im the type of person that cant say no so i worked. I wasnt worth much at home when i wasnt working. Ss is reviewing my employment and ss status. I maybe made 100 to 150. A month over the aloud amt. After many talks with my boss and her seeing myown health starting to go down hill shes hired someone and ive cut my hrs way back to like 400. Bi-weekly. I cant afford to loose my disability and insurance. And id loose my home if i loose my disability. I myself have had 5 surgeries the last 2 yrs and looking at another. I only work to pay my utilities and car insurane and buy food. What can i expect the out come to be?

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