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Benefits Stopped And I Am Not Sure Why

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Benefits Stopped And I Am Not Sure Why

My pharmacy told me I no longer had medicare and so I called Social Security and was giving this smack in the face: My SSDI stopped. Reason?: They were not told I stopped working.

1, I told them I stopped working the same day I told them I became homeless in July 2013. It was because of this that they tacked on SSI.

2, Even if I still was working, I was never making enough to lose my SSDI which is the reason why I still was receiving benefits.

I am a borderline homeless college student who is going to try to get to the social security office AND not miss any school which means I have a few anxiety ridden days trying to figure out how I am going to pay for my bills and get a place to live with no more money (other than my already spent financial aid). Hopefully someone on here can ease my mind a bit?

I hung up the phone a tad immaturely. I was told that I should appeal because I didn't get a letter and because I am not working (which is the problem apparently). SS is closed now so I cant talk to someone again but I wanted to know why working was even an issue now anyway. It is ironic that after being jobless, homeless, and trying to get through a full time college schedule, that now my "working" would be a problem, after 3 years.

I stopped working in July 2013. My My Social Security account summary page online still says I am fine, but my verification letter is sort of cryptic as usual:

"Benefit were stopped" in August 2011 and then a few lines later: "beginning December 2013, the full monthly Social Security benefit before any deductions is" definitely NOT zero dollars.

Can anyone please put my mind at ease by either telling me I have nothing to worry about or explaining to me what exactly changed?

Thank you so much in advance

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