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SSDI fairness?

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SSDI fairness?

I am a paraplegic as the result of an accident. I receive SSDI and work part-time. I believe I can only gross up to $1165 per month or I would lose all my benefits. I have a friend who is also a paraplegic as the result of an injury. She hasn't worked for the past twenty years and has been supported by her husband who earns a six figure income. In addition to this, she received a large settlement from her accident. I did not. She and her husband own two homes, each worth well over $500,000. They are looking to buy another place. She can continue to receive SSDI, not work, be supported by her husband and have multiple assets, whereas I am forced to live at near poverty level. My friend also received a large lump sum of money, for back SSDI over the past twenty years, when she applied. I don't mean to sound bitter but boy, is that skewed against single working people with disabilities. It doesn't seem fair or right.

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