How can kids qualify for SSI?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 06/11/2015 - 16:11

Our baby was just born with down syndrome, hurray for us. I have quit my job so that I can stay home to take care of him and our 2 year old (daycare here in the suburbs of Los Angeles for 2 kids is $2300 a month, so at that point, there IS no point in working). My wife is going to keep working, and I'm going to watch the kids till they are in school.

Just went to the social security office to try and file the paperwork for our down syndrome baby to get financial help from SSI, and was told that he does not qualify because my wife, who is going to be the sole income, makes more than $1700 per month. That a household cannot have more than $1700 per month combined income, before taxes.... total. That is insane.

My question is... then who in the heck qualifies for SSI? Homeless people?
$1700 is the cost of rent for a 1 bedroom apartment here, and we are not in a wealthy area. So there is absolutely no way that we can get financial help of any kind to help take care of a disabled baby, because my wife makes more than is required to rent a studio apartment and eat graham crackers? wtf. I can understand $1700 combined income being huge if you live in the middle of oklahoma, montana, or someplace like that... but in the suburbs of a major city? That doesn't even pay for an apartment here, and our income can't exceed that?

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