SSDI and what are chances they can make you return to work?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 07/12/2015 - 12:43

Hello, I am currently receiving SSDI for a medical condition, I do not think I will be able to return to work, let alone in the position I used to have. I think mine is set to review every 5 years maybe? I am still technically with my company as an inactive employee, (I am a aircraft mech for a major airline) I was wondering a few things:
If my doctor never see me fit to return to my former position, can SS force you to work in a position or job field making less money than where you were, ie, if I were making about 100k a yr. Or if I just retire from my company, (I am 56 yrs old and qualify to retire from my company), can SS require you to work in a position that is not similar to where you once were?
Once you're receiving SSDI is it very common for you to come off of it?
I am asking because as I said I am thinking of just retiring and being able to access my retirement fund shortly, and also relocating. So I didn't want to relocate to another state and having to return to work by SS.
I hope my questions make sense. BTW, my medical condition is cancer, so going back to work and having to go through all the stuff I had to go through in that process I would not want to do again if condition worsens or whatever. Even though I was still with my company on MLOA I had to find new heath insurance withing 4 months as you get dropped, and life insurance drops after 8 months, applying for SSDI, etc, etc.....but I digress.
Thanks for your time and I hope my questions make sense.

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