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Qualify? 46, flexor tendonitis both hands, tarsal tunnel one ankle

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Qualify? 46, flexor tendonitis both hands, tarsal tunnel one ankle

Hello and thanks for reading. I am a couple months into my application process. IMA 26 year ups driver. I have had surgery on both hands for flexor tendonitis (3 fingers each) a couple years ago, and it is getting worse with painful triggering and finger locking with osteoarthritis. Because of my lack of hand strength, I slipped off a step and I couldn't hold onto the hand hold. I roll my ankle 90 degrees, and suffered a high grade, high ankle sprain and painful tarsal tunnel as one of the results. Small tasks like picking up coins is very difficult... Any use of my hands is painful and I have to drive with my palms. I have a grossly abnormal gait because of my ankle, and can't walk more than 100 feet without intense pain, and can't sit in one position for more than 10 minutes without needing to elevate my leg. I was very thorough in my application, however my hands surgeon and workers comp ankle doctor do not want to fill out an rfc form. My hands and my ankle each qualify alone in the listings, so I'm curious if i might qualify in the first stage. I do have proper diagnosis from both doctors, as well as xray and MRI proof of diagnosis and tons of consistent doctor appointments. Thanks so much, I'm just stressing here. I only had 3 years to go till I could retire... And I could get my pension now if I qualify.

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