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Bad review, and new evidence outcome?

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Bad review, and new evidence outcome?

The judge asked that there be another review, just in case since the last one was done almost a year ago. I am bipolar type II rapid cycling, ptsd, bed, and last but not least gad.

I received a letter stating that he had gotten the new review and that if no new evidence that submitted that he would make his decision in 10 days. I called my lawyer and asked about the new review because I had a odd feeling about it, I was right she said that " I was good to go " all of this after a 12-15min meeting, nothing like my last eval.

I asked my lawyer what we could do she said that I should write a statement about what I remember that day. So I did and then she asked if my VA doctor would fill out a MRFC which she did as she was very mad about what the other doctor did.

Now my question is after this gets entered into evidence A) does he take the word of a U.S. Army solider now medically retired (yes I get a 1599R from DoD) for the same conditions that he is looking at me now for, and a VA U of M Doctor's report over this other person? B) After all the evidence has been submitted does he then restart the 10 day count down for a decision or just make it right then, or even pick up with how many days there were left?

I know this is a lot of questions and a massive wall of text but I felt that the "community" would be the best place to get these answers next to my lawyer which is out of town most of next week.

Christopher M.

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